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Ozark Food Web MS Assistanship

University of Central Arkansas
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Research opportunity focusing on Ozark glade food web interactions at the University of Central Arkansas. Dr. Gifford is recruiting a graduate student (M.S.) for the Fall 2020 semester to study
interactions in Ozark glade food webs. Primary opportunities exist for research on lizards (Collared Lizards and Prairie Lizards) and grasshoppers (too many to count). Glade habitats are a unique and tractable ecosystem within which to examine ecological and evolutionary phenomena. This opportunity is part of a larger effort
aimed at understanding ecological and evolutionary interactions within glade communities and represents a collaboration between myself and researchers at the University of Arkansas and Texas A&M University.


Interested students should have some experience and an interest in herpetology and/or entomology. A significant component of this research will be in the field, sometimes under harsh (i.e., HOT) conditions. All field sites are in relatively close proximity to the University.


Student support would be by a Teaching Assistantship (TA), which includes a full tuition waiver.

How to Apply:

Minimum admission requirements and other details for the MS program at the University of Central Arkansas can be found at the following website:

Program application deadline is March 1, 2020 for Fall semester admission.

Please send initial inquiries via email to me at:

Also, feel free to check out general information about my lab and our past research at the Gifford Lab website: