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Outreach News from Warnell

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 09:26am - Scratching your head about sudden wintertime pine tree browning? Noticing signs of tree stress such as thinning crowns, dying branches, or even a dead terminal leader (the top part of the tree)? 
Thu, 10/29/2020 - 04:48pm - One of Georgia’s most plentiful assets might be a key to help the state combat global climate change. The state is covered with trees—Georgia is almost 60% forested—and each tree has the ability to offset carbon that’s emitted into the atmosphere. But the amount of carbon, the cost of that sequestration, and potential for new jobs in rural parts of the state are all questions to be answered.
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Fri, 10/09/2020 - 04:08pm - The dozen or so women gathered in the bright, wood-paneled room knew they had big plans in the works. But what they didn’t know was that they were making history.
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Mon, 08/31/2020 - 10:49pm - Rachel Hardegree spent her summer watching for feral hogs in Japan.
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