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Chlorine Gas Exposure & Trees

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     Chlorine is both a useful element and a dangerous element. Chlorine is an essential element in trees. It is found in thousands of natural and manmade compounds and materials. Chlorine is essential for both human thought and activating pesticides. Living things use chlorine and generate thousands of different organic compounds. Animal immune systems incorporate chlorine into natural materials to fight infections. Chlorine-containing organic materials are released every day from decaying plant materials. Organo-chlorines are also generated when plant materials are burned. Earth’s volcanoes emit chlorine materials. Some minerals contain chlorine. We are surrounded by a chlorine recycling geology and ecology which is essential to our lives.
     Sometimes chlorine in the environment reaches a dosage or exposure level where it can impact trees and other landscape plants. This review examines chlorine gas (Cl2) impacts on trees and their supporting landscapes. This is not a toxicology or environmental dosage review, but is designed to help tree health care professionals understand potential injuries sustained by trees and other landscape plants when exposed to chlorine gas.

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Community and Urban Forestry
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