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2015 Georgia Wild Pig Survey Final Report

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Surveys were sent to residents in 95 counties in Georgia; responses were received from residents of 89 counties. The majority of all survey respondents were male (65.6%), older (mean age = 63.97 years; SD = 12.38 years), and have owned land in Georgia for an average of 28.2 years (SD = 16.7 years). Most respondents (81%) knew feral swine could be a problem for landowners but most (57.8%) believe feral swine are native or were unsure of their status. Feral swine occurred on property owned by 28.7% of the respondents and 63% reported that feral swine have caused damage to their land. Row crop production was the most often reported land use (31% of respondents). Nearly half (48.1%) of respondents reported that feral swine or feral swine damage has been occurring on their land for more than 5 years. Hay and pasture was the land use most often (43%) reported damaged followed by peanuts (37%). Rooting/grubbing (98%) and wallowing (58%) were the types of damage most often reported. Across the state, based on self-reported estimates of economic damage and acreage reported in this survey, feral swine caused 98.87 million dollars in crop damage and 51.74 million dollars in non-crop damage in 2014.

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Wildlife Damage
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