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OPS F/W Biological Scientist I

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
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Job Description:

This position will assist in planning and conducting complex, multi-disciplinary research projects designed to assess and monitor the status of imperiled fish species from northwest Florida. Responsibilities include; developing, planning, and executing field and laboratory activities associated with nongame fish research studies and resource monitoring. The position will work on two ongoing projects to determine the status of the state threatened (ST) species as well as four additional Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). These species include the Saltmarsh Topminnow (ST) (Fundulus jenkinsi) and Crystal Darter (ST) (Crystallaria asprella), Florida/Pallid Chub (SGCN) (Macrhybopsis sp. cf. aestavalis), River Redhorse (SGCN) (Moxostoma carinatum), Southern Logperch (SGCN) (Percina austroperca), and the Saddleback Darter (SGCN) (Percina vigil). Information needed includes; distribution, status, abundance, and habitat suitability/site occupancy. Additional field duties include collecting water chemistry measurements, and aquatic habitat assessments. Applicants will also be expected to assist with fisheries field sampling, processing field and laboratory samples, maintenance, construction, and repair of sampling gears, and assists with management of laboratory activities to maximize efficiency. The selected candidate will be required to obtain a valid State of Florida driver’s license. Frequent day-time travel throughout Northwest Florida is required. 


Minimum Requirements 
   B.S. in one of the physical or biological sciences and a valid driver's license. 

Preferred Experience 
   Preference may be given to applicant with a background in fisheries research/ecology, experience identifying non-game freshwater and estuarine fish, experience using gears to collect these species, and familiarity with appropriate analytical techniques. 


Knowledge, Skill(s), and Abilities 
   Applicant must be knowledgeable in the biological sciences; terminology, principles and techniques used in research on freshwater and estuarine fishes; data collection; and analytical procedures for field and laboratory work. Applicant should be skilled in the use of scientific laboratory and field equipment. Ability to conduct scientific research using scientific methods and techniques sand perform quantitative analysis of scientific data. Applicants should have experience writing technical reports, annual reports, management plans and manuscripts. Applicant should have knowledge in identification of both freshwater and estuarine non-game fish. Applicant should be familiar and able to conduct various active and passive sampling methods. Applicant should also have experience using spatial software and electronic databases. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, establish and maintain effective working relationships. Ability to safely operate vehicles, operate vessels up to 22'; maintain valid driver’s license; swim with sufficient skill to save oneself in the event of an emergency, and work 40 hours per week. Some overnight travel may be required. 

14.50/hour, health insurance, if requirements for eligibility are met

WHAT IS OPS EMPLOYMENT? Other Personal Services (OPS) employment is a temporary employer/employee relationship used solely for accomplishing short term or intermittent tasks. OPS employees do not fill established positions and may not be assigned the duties of any vacant authorized position. OPS employees are at-will employees and are subject to actions such as pay changes, changes to work assignment, and terminations at the pleasure of the agency head or designee. 
   •State of Florida 401(a) FICA Alternative Plan - mandatory 
   •Workers’ Compensation - mandatory 
   •Reemployment Assistance (Unemployment Compensation) - mandatory 
   •Participation in state group insurance (upon meeting eligibility requirements) 
   •Deferred Compensation - voluntary 
   •Employee Assistance Program – voluntary 

How to Apply:

Applicants are required to apply through People First (…) by the closing date listed. Resumes and supporting documentation may be submitted at the same time of application online.