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Northern Coastal Wildlife Forester Manager

State of North Carolina
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
North Carolina
Location Detail:
Beaufort County
Job Description:

The Northern Coastal Wildlife Forest Manager prescribes, plans, and implements forestry and wildlife habitat management projects for the forest resources on state-owned Game Lands in the Coastal Eco-Region (Northern Coastal work area) consisting of approximately 118,000 acres and provide technical guidance in forestry and wildlife habitat management to other state and federal agencies, private landowners, and interested groups.  This position develops, administers, monitors, and directs contracts and personnel activities to improve and maintain forest health through active timber management practices such as harvesting timber, prescribed burning, applying herbicides, the use of mechanical treatments, and reforestation.  General project objectives are directed at improving habitat for game animals and threatened and endangered wildlife and plant species, as well as to provide hunting opportunities for sportsmen.  Important objectives include improving wildlife habitat diversity across the landscape, restoring forest communities, creating and maintaining early successional habitat, and restoring fire adapted ecosystems throughout the Coastal Eco-Region.