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MS/PhD Research Assistantship in Conservation Science

University of Maine
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   The University of Maine seeks outstanding applicants for a National Science Foundation-funded graduate research traineeship program that will prepare the next generation of conservation leaders. These scholars will integrate biophysical and social sciences in collaborative, engaged, and solutions-driven research, professional development, and coursework. 
   Transdisciplinary research and active learning experiences central to the program will address governance frameworks, biodiversity conservation, sustainable rural livelihoods and resource dependent economies, stewardship values, citizen science and participation, and spatial sciences. Students will have internships with one of our federal, tribal, state, or NGO partners. Our goal is to build a well-trained and experienced workforce to advance conservation solutions that will ultimately lead to enhanced resilience of socio-ecological systems in Maine and beyond. 
   Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to receive NSF support, and must be seeking a M.S. or Ph.D. degree. 
   For further application and program details, visit our website:…;


   Outstanding applicants will have: 
   •Undergraduate or masters-level training in natural resources, environmental sciences, or human dimensions of natural resources 
   •Lower and upper-division coursework in biophysical sciences, social sciences, math, and statistics 
   •Public service experience (e.g., Peace Corps or Americorps volunteer) 
   •Experience in civil society organizations 
   •A passion or desire to work in the conservation, public land management, or related profession, or past/current experience in this profession