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Land Management Specialist

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
Job Field:
Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism
Job Type:
Full Time
Location Detail:
Little Rock
Job Description:

   The Land Management Specialist is a critical member of the team working to preserve Arkansas’s biological diversity and natural heritage through research, conservation, restoration, and outreach. This position has a primary focus on stewardship work including grounds maintenance, management of public recreation, invasive species removal, prescribed fire management, and ecological restoration efforts for the State System of Natural Areas (System). The position is governed by state and federal laws and division policy. While at work, you will either be in a new, modern, pleasant building in downtown Little Rock or out among the 67,000 acres comprising 72 natural areas spread out among all eco-regions of the state. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with a small, dedicated group of science-based professionals in a productive, fast-paced, pleasant work environment, while doing positive things for conservation in Arkansas. We accomplish great things with a small staff and limited resources through teamwork, partnership, and efficiency. The position is governed by agency/institution policy and state and federal laws. 
   2. Scope of Work: 
   • Develops, plans, and conducts on-site land management activities, including controlled burns, boundary demarcation, trail development and maintenance, special species management, and invasive species control. 
   • Purchases equipment and supplies monitors contracts for land management activities, and is responsible for the maintenance of agency equipment, including vehicles, chainsaws, mowers, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), and fire management equipment. 
   • Utilize project management methodologies to help schedule and implement staff and contracted services. 
   • Assists in the writing of management plans for lands in the System and may write articles for publication in professional journals and give oral presentations. 
   • Assists research staff with biological field inventories. 
   • Recruits, trains, and evaluates the work of volunteers, acts as a team leader, and assists extra help employees conducting management activities on natural areas. Organizes and attends volunteer events on natural areas 
   • Meets and confers with neighboring landowners, contractors, conservation partners, and the general public to share information and coordinate land management activities on natural areas. 
   • Responds to requests for information regarding natural area management from both within and outside the agency. 
   • Attends workshops and meetings to stay informed of trends and scientific advances in applicable areas. 
   • Performs related responsibilities as required or assigned. 
   3. Working Relationships: The Land Management Specialist has regular contact and on-going working relationships with the Stewardship Coordinator and other agency staff, neighboring landowners, local officials and volunteers, visitors to natural areas, constituents, contractors, and the general public. 
   4. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
   • Exposure to elements, walking long distances, and carrying equipment are required. 
   • Ability to traverse extremely rugged terrain on foot. 
   • Knowledge of ecological managerment of natural communities. 
   • Knowledge of land management principles and techniques. 
   • Knowledge of project management principles and methods. 
   • Knowledge of recreation management 
   • Knowledge of state fiscal procedures and policies. 
   • Ability to safely operate a variety of outdoor power equipment(ATV’s Chainsaw, etc.). 
   • Ability to plan, motivate, direct, and evaluate the work of volunteers. 
   • Ability to read, interpret, analyze, and use topographic maps, land surveys, legal property descriptions, and aerial photographs. 
   • Ability to use a computer and related software. 
   • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing, including detailed reports. 
   • Skill in basic carpentry. 
   • Skill in vehicle and small motor maintenance. 


   The formal education equivalent of a bachelor's degree in land resource management, biology, forestry, or a related field; plus two years of experience in land management. 


   7. Special Requirements: 
   • Regular overnight travel, both in – and - out – of – state. 
   • Ability to interpret maps is necessary due to remote locations of the natural areas. 
   • Terrain of the natural areas is typically quite rugged requiring a high degree of physical fitness. 
   • Occasional work outside regular business hours. 
   • A valid Arkansas driver’s license is required. 
   • A pre-employment criminal background check is required. 
   • Position is subject to drug screening. 


   This position offers a full benefit package including paid holidays, annual and sick leave, health and life insurance and retirement. 

How to Apply: