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Key Checkout Information Fall 2021

Checking Out Keys

If you require a different time/day, please reach out to Laura directly to inquire.

Graduate Students

  • All graduate room assignments are assigned by Eva Levi after the faculty member requests space for the graduate student
    • If you have a graduate student that requires an office, please contact Eva directly.
    • Graduate office keys cannot be issued without a room assignment.
  • Graduate student office keys will be organized into labeled envelopes with each student’s name.
    • These will be with Holly Hasenauer and ready for checkout.
  • Everyone checking out a key is required to provide a $25.00 key deposit in the form of check or money order only. NO CASH WILL BE TAKEN FOR DEPOSITS.
    • Please have check/money order filled out and ready to be handed in when you arrive to pick up your keys.
      • All checks or money orders should be made payable to “Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources”.
    • Holly will issue you a receipt.

All Others

  • Holly Hasenauer must have prior notice at least a week before you come to the office to pick up a key.
    • Faculty will notify Hollly when a student needs access to a space. Hollly will gather the appropriate keys and place in a labeled envelope and that envelope will be given to Holly Hasenauer.
  • Any lab/office keys MUST have faculty approval in writing before a key will be issued
    • Please send email to Holly Hasenauer detailing who needs access and the room number they need access to.
    • No keys will be prepared for check out without this notice from a faculty member.
  • Holly will be coordinating key envelopes, but keys will be checked out from Holly Hasenauer.

Turning in Keys

  • All keys being turned in can be left in Holly Hasenauer’s mailbox or mailed to the following address:

UGA - Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources

180 E. Green St.
Room 225A

Athens, Ga 30602

  • IF YOU ARE LEAVING UGA (graduating/resignation) please send email to Holly Hasenauer with the following information:
      • Name
      • Key numbers being turned in
      • Mailing address of where you’d like key deposit refund check to be mailed
  • IF YOU ARE STILL A STUDENT/STAFF MEMBER AT UGA you will have to enter an Expense Report via UGA OneSource to receive your key deposit refund
    • Please send an email to Holly Hasenauer and the instructions will be provided.