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Inventory Forester

Roseburg Lumber
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Job Type:
Full Time
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Job Description:


Execute the high-standards of the forest inventory program on Roseburg's Timberlands and support the forestry research program.

  • Spatially define homogeneous timber types using point cloud derived data and stereo imagery
  • Define plot locations and produce inventory sampling maps for both contracts and in-house projects
  • Utilize GPS enabled hand-held computers to locate plots in the field. Compass and pacing navigation is also an important skill
  • Cruise timber to known specifications measuring and recording tree data on hand-held computers, then download to a desktop computer for compilation in an Access database
  • Review all contract-generated inventory data, audit data through field validation, and provide timely reporting and correction (if necessary)
  • Maintain solid working relationships with inventory contractors ensuring compliance with well-defined quality standards
  • Under the direction of the Forest Inventory and Research Supervisor:
    • Install, measure, and maintain forestry research installations to rigorous standards
    • Apply designated silvicultural treatments to forestry research installations
    • Assist with analysis and reporting of research projects
  • Support the Resource Technical Services team with periodic projects including but not limited to; timberland acquisition, revision to inventory methods and protocols, form class/grade cruising, value growth analysis, and harvest planning



  • Bachelor's degree in Forest Management and at least 6 months (e.g. two summers) of work experience in the forest industry. Applicants with different education, but significant commercial forestry experience and proven growth potential will be considered
  • Timber cruising experience is preferred
  • Experience operating 4x4 vehicles and navigating forest roads is required
  • Experience with growth and yield models (e.g. FPS) and data analysis software is preferred
  • Experience with form class/grade cruising protocols and software (e.g. SuperACE) is preferred


  • Physically able to traverse rough terrain and thick vegetation in all weather conditions, while maintaining a positive attitude
  • Must have basic proficiency with Microsoft Access, Word and Excel
  • Ability to communicate and interact effectively in a team environment