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Website Tutorial

Logging in

  2. Your username is the same as your MyID (do not include but you will have a unique password for this site and only this site until we integrate with the central log in (CAS) in a few months.
  3. This is NOT changing your regular MyID password.
  4. If you cannot remember your password or you have never entered the system, contact Morgan ( and she will set you up with one.

Text Editor Tools

description of the text editor tool use

save button

Editing your Personal Page

  1. Got to
    1. Faculty:
    2. Staff:
    3. Graduate Students:
    4. All others contact Morgan Nolan,
  2. Click on your entry
  3. Click on the tab marked "Edit"
  4. If you do not have a page or do not see edit after logging in, contact Morgan Nolan,
  5. Tips:
    1. Position:
      1. This determines where you will show up.
      2. Staff can also choose a subcategory. Please mark both the main category (Staff) and the subcategory (-Technology)
    2. Labs/Centers/Committees:
      1. Comes from a list found here:
      2. Begin typing a name (e.g. Deer) and it will show a list of possible entries
    3. Area of Specialty:
      1. For Faculty use. This is used by our graduate program to help graduate students find a major professor
      2. Please choose the main heading (Forest Management) and the subheadings (-Inventory & -Policy)
      3. If a faculty member would like to add a category, please contact Kate deDufour,
    4. Research Areas
      1. This is also a pre-made list that reflects the major headings in the Area of Specialty.
      2. If you prefer, use the Research Areas Detail box to go into more depth
    5. Graduate Students
      1. For Faculty use. If your grad student has created a personnel entry,  you can link them to your page here. They will show up in the right side column.
    6. Always use the "Save" button at the bottom of the page

Adding a Job Posting 

  1. This only applies to users who are approved by Katelyn Kivett,
  2. Look in the upper left for “Add Content”
    1. A new blank job form will open-Fill in as needed
    2. Command-click to choose more than one item in a list (e.g., Forestry & Fisheries)
    3. Be sure to scroll all the way down and click the blue “Save” button.

showing content button in top left