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Warnell Mail List Use & Policy


  1. You can reach each of the 4 main subgroups represented in the Warnell list using the following addresses. These are targeted emails -  club meetings for students, deadlines for faculty, etc. 
  2. Warnell has other "targeted" lists for committees, research labs and other groups. To find them, go to in a browser, log in, put Warnell in the upper left search box and choose "directory".  For example, if you wanted to reach the Seminar Committee to suggest a speaker, you could write to If you would like to have a targeted list created for your group, please talk to Mark Cherry at You MUST provide your MyID to be added. 
  3. If you are not an active student or employee, you can request to be removed from these lists. We do not allow people outside of Warnell to be added to the main lists above. They may be added to the other targeted lists.
  4. If you want to receive information about new natural resources jobs found on the Job Board, subscribe to the Warnell Jobs Listserv:
  5. You may have your own mailing lists created within your copy of Outlook. You are in control of those and they are not the same as these lists.
  6. Summary of the UGA policies on email and links to more detailed information. Knowing the policies is your responsibility.