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Drug & Alcohol Policy

There are two policies in effect covering alcohol/drug possession and consumption at Warnell, the UGA Alcohol Policy and the Warnell Alcohol Policy. The Warnell policy is in addition to the UGA one. Please read and familiarize yourself with these policies.

The following information is not exhaustive, but is meant as general information.


  • The office of Judicial Programs will notify parents/guardians every time a student is found in violation of the Drug/Alcohol policy
  • These policies are in place whether on or off campus as long as it is a Warnell sanctioned event
  • No drugs/alcohol allowed on any transportation (buses, planes, etc), even in the luggage compartment
  • No drugs/alcohol allowed in any accommodations (hotels, dorms, campsites, etc) paid for by student fees or funded by Warnell
  • Alcohol consumption in bars/restaurants is allowed under applicable laws, but participants are expected to practice moderation


  • 1st violation for alcohol possession - Alcohol awareness class, 6 months probation
  • 1st violation for alcohol use/possession of drugs - Alcohol awareness class, 12 months probation
  • 2nd offense - suspension for current and 1 subsequent semester