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Warnell OneSource

Project (Grant) Status Reports

When OneSource was first implemented in July 2018, there were limited resources available for getting a complete picture of the financial state of the many research projects here in Warnell.  The temporary work around was to send out a monthly budget overview report to at least give the basics of your budget balances.  Since July we have worked very hard to get some kind of comprehensive project status report that would meet your needs. The new PSR is available through the data warehouse and is accessed by using your MyID and password.  Access for faculty is automatic and we are working on getting access for research staff. The report is available here:

Download: Powerpoint document

Warnell Project Status Report Training Session Video:

OneUSG Connect

One USG Connect is the University System of Georgia initiative to develop and implement streamlined human resources and payroll policies, procedures, and technology solutions that benefit all USG institutions. Implementation of OneUSG Connect will align UGA with other USG institutions.

OneUSG Connect Go-Live is December 16, 2018

Training Material: Warnell OneUSG Connect Training Session 1




Warnell OneSource 101

Chartstring Spreadsheet:

Chart of Accounts

Account Structure Change: The Current 12 digit account number followed by a 5 digit object code is being replaced by a very long chart-string which is made up of several chart fields as explained below. The ones in Italic font (in green) are required for each transaction.

  • Fund Group* - a 5-digit numeric code designating the fund source
  • Program* – a 5-digit numeric code required to recording expenditures in all fund groups
  • Class* – a 5-digit code providing more details of the source of funding.
  • Department* – an 8-digit alphanumeric value to track budgets and expenses for specific functions or programs. The first two digits represent the intermediate unit with budgetary responsibility for the department (unit) ID. The next three digits represent the department/unit and the last three digits can be assigned to facilitate needs for sub‐departments or groupings. All faculty and cost centers have been assigned a dept ID and all accounts will link to those.
  • Operating Unit – Not used in Warnell. A field to identify locations like county (not mandatory)
  • Project -  a chart field which is used for identifying sponsored projects/grants, capital projects, and non‐sponsored projects
  • PC Business Unit - is an operational subset of an organization to organize project activity independently of the constraints of the standard accounting procedures
  • Activity ID – assigned to sponsored projects.
  • Chart Field 1 – Currently not used in Warnell. An optional chart field that can be used to track specific expenses.
  • Account Code* – a 6-digit numeric code to categorize the type of expense (all expenses must contain this code)
  • Budget Reference* – fiscal year (required for all transactions)


For a complete guide to the new chart of accounts:

Please click on the link below to view the spreadsheet which contains details of all Warnell Chartstrings.

Chartstring Spreadsheet:

SpeedTypes: We have also added Speedtypes to almost all accounts. These are shortcuts to your chartsrings and will be very useful in various financial transactions that you will engage in and also in the PCard Works system.

Column A of the spreadsheet has the name of the Account Holder and you can filter the spreadsheet using your last, first name to narrow down the list just to account numbers that belong to you. This list will be periodically updated and will always be available to you at this site. We strongly advise you to make yourself very familiar with your chartstrings and associated speedtypes.

The Warnell Fiscal Office is conducting a series of trainings, specifically on travel authorities and expense reimbursements. It is now the responsibility of the traveler to prepare and submit both these documents. We are also conducting trainings on billing and accounts receivables for units that engage in departmental sales and services activities. Please make it a point to attend all the trainings that apply to you. We are ready to offer any assistance as and when needed during and after the transition.

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn together.

Travel Authorizations and Expense Reimbursements

All UGA employees and students are now required to create their own Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursements. We are offering training classes on this topic in June and July.

Payments to vendors and non-UGA employees will be prepared and processed by the Warnell Fiscal Office like before.

Intra-University payments (e-tickets) and Journal Vouchers (e-JVs)

Intra-university payments and Journal Voucher processes have changed and will be handled by the Fiscal Office using the new method in place.

Purchase Orders

We will continue to use UGAMart for placing orders. Here speedtypes can be used to provide chartstring information. On the back end, UGA will integrate purchase information with OneSource financials.


Going forward all your charges in Works will be initially assigned to your default Speedtype and you will have the option to reallocate the charge to another Speedtype. A list of all Speedtypes will be available in the dropdown in Works and all Warnell Speedtypes will begin with the number “25”. Like before, you also have to assign an “account code”, currently known as object code, to each transaction so the purchase can be captured in the correct expense category.

Billing and Accounts Receivables

From now on, all invoices for departmental sales and services will have to be created through the OneSource system and payments will be sent to a lockbox in Atlanta. In rare occasions, we will receive checks and the Fiscal office will deposit them to the appropriate accounts. We are offering a couple of training classes on this topic in July.

Payroll & Leave System

For payroll expenses from July 1, 2018 to Dec 15, 2018 KRONOS will continue to be used and legacy accounts utilized. After this date, payroll functions will move to the new HCM or OneUSGConnect system and the new chartstrings will be utilized. Continue using the Warnell leave system until the migration to the HCM (OneUSGConnect) system in December, 2018. Both payroll and leave will switch over at that time.

For further information please visit

Travel & Expense Module

Tips from Magen:

  1. There are a couple of things that are required before you can even load the OneSource web page. You will need ArchPass Duo always, and VPN access if you are not on a UGA server. The instructions on how to download those are on the attached OneSource Travel Quick Start sheet. There is also a general guide to submitting a TA and Expense Report on this sheet.
  2. The travel training video is at the bottom of the page on the Warnell OneSource website. It can be found here: It should be able to answer most of your questions. If you have any question that is not answered in the training video, please do not hesitate to contact me. If I cannot help you, then I will get you in touch with the OneSource help desk.
  3. You must set up your Authorized Users and  User Defaults before you can submit anything in the Travel & Expense module. The step to do this are in the training video.

OneSource Travel Quick Start.docx

Training materials

Warnell Travel Training Session 3 Video: Tuesday, July 10