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Digital Signage

How to submit content:

Please download the template you'd like to use from below, and add the information you would like displayed on the digital signs.

Please include:

  • A headline
  • A brief description. Please limit the word count to 150 words.
  • A photo if you have one to include.

Once you have included all the information, send this to Sandi Martin at for placement on the digital signs. 

If Sandi is unavailable or out of the office for several days, send to Wendy Holland at

Important rules to follow:

  • Do not alter the background. If you do, it will be changed back to the default template.
  • Use the designated fonts. Headlines should be either Impact or Oswald, and text should always be Tahoma or Merriweather. If you use a different font, it will be changed back to a default font.
  • When submitting something for the digital signs, include the day the announcement should be removed, or if there are any special timing requests (for instance, only on Wednesdays).

How to add events to the Warnell Calendar:

Use one of these templates:

Digital Signage Template3.pptx

An example of the first template










Digital Signage Template4.pptx

An example of the second template