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Outreach Publications

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Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)
Loblolly Pine Health in the Southeastern U.S.
Farmers’ perceptions of white-tailed deer damage to row crops in 20 Georgia counties during 2016
Evaluation of Attractants for Live-trapping Nine-banded Armadillo
What Is A Tree?
Endangered Species: Florida Torreya Florida Nutmeg Torreya taxifolia (Yew Family)
Estimating Tree Stem & Branch Weight
Pinus virginiana Virginia Pine
Pinus taeda Loblolly Pine
Pinus strobus Eastern White Pine
Pinus serotina Pond Pine
Pinus rigida Pitch Pine
Pinus pungens Table Mountain Pine
Pinus palustris Longleaf Pine
Pinus glabra Spruce Pine
Pinus elliottii Slash Pine
Pinus echinata Shortleaf Pine
Pinus clausa Sand Pine
Tree Essential Elements Manual (Part 3) (water, nitrogen issues & element problems)
Tree Essential Elements Manual (Part 2) (element attributes, proportions & descriptions)
Tree Essential Elements Manual (Part 1) ( element genesis, organization & essentiality )
Threatened Species: Virginia Spiraea, Appalachian Spiraea, Virginia Meadowsweet Spiraea virginiana (Rose Family)
Endangered Species: Pondberry, Southern Spicebush, Swamp Spicebush Lindera melissifolia (Laurel Family)
Endangered Species: False Poison Sumac, Michaux's Sumac, Dwarf Sumac, Rhus michauxii (Sumac Family)
Cultural Aspects of Trees: Traditions & Myths