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Communications and Media Relations

For general Warnell inquiries, please contact Public Relations Coordinator Sandi Martin at 706-542-2079 or at

The Warnell School has many faculty members who are experts on a diverse number of topics. If you know which area of expertise you need comments for, you can contact them directly:

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Robert Bringolf 
706-542-1477 or
Areas of expertise: Aquatic toxicology, freshwater mussels, environmental biology of fishes, aquaculture, ecotoxicology

Cecil Jennings 
706-542-4837 or
Areas of expertise: The effects of development and sedimentation on fish populations and fish survivability in rivers and streams, fish ecology, fisheries biology and management, and fish population dynamics, Georgia fisheries.

Doug Peterson 
706-583-2944 or 
Areas of expertise: Ecology, life history, and population dynamics of North American sturgeons and Sturgeon Aquaculture.

James L. Shelton, Jr. 
706-542-3108 or
Areas of expertise: Fisheries, aquaculture, water quality, aquatic weeds, pond management, threatened aquatic species, water quality management in aquaculture, and fisheries biology.

Susan Bennett Wilde 
706-542-3346 or
Areas of expertise: algal taxonomy, aquatic ecology, reservoir limnology, invasive aquatic plants and animals, impacts and management of harmful algal blooms  


Pete Bettinger 
706-542-1187 or
Areas of expertise: forest planning, forest management, geographic information systems, forest operations, and global positioning systems. He is also a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

Kim Coder 
706-542-9050 or
Areas of expertise: Tree biology, urban forestry, community trees, tree health care, arboriculture, aboritecture, landscape trees, tree pollen, fall leaf color, drought and trees, lightning and trees, tree biomechanics, tree structure, tree hazards, construction damage and trees, tree appraisal, urban forest ecology, storm damage and trees, and cultural and physiological connection with trees, ice storms.

Kamal J. Gandhi 
706-542-4614, 706-247-4025 or
Areas of expertise: forest entomology and forest health and protection issues; patterns of invasion by non-native insects; community ecology; insect-plant interactions; effects of forest disturbances on insects

W. Dale Greene
706-542-4741, 706-540-2862 (cell) or
Areas of expertise: Biomass harvesting, timber harvesting, transportation, forest management, logging business

Kris M. Irwin 
706-542-7412 or
Areas of expertise: Instructional design, environmental education, environmental literacy, global service-learning and Peace Corps.

Bob Izlar 
706-542-6819 or
Areas of expertise: Okefenokee, financial engineering, ad valorem taxes, forest business

Ben Jackson 
706-542-9051 or 
Areas of expertise: Timber harvesting, wood for energy, forest roads, forest best management practices for water quality, non-timber forest products, and distance education

Scott Merkle 
706-542-6112 or
Areas of expertise: forest biotechnology, genetics, phytoremediation, cell and tissue culture of forest trees, genetic transformation of forest trees, American chestnuts

Bob Teskey 
706-542-5055, 706-248-8634 or 
Areas of Expertise: Effects of climate change and air pollution on trees and forest ecosystems, effects of environmental stresses on tree growth and forest productivity.    

Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism

Gary Green 
706-542-6556, 706-296-3029 or
Areas of expertise: Natural resource management, recreation participation and activity trends, and human-dimensions of natural resources.

Michael Tarrant 
706-583-0901 or
Areas of expertise: Management practices and visitors' actions in recreation and wilderness areas, including assessments of carrying capacities, acceptable behaviors, and crowding. Applications of geographic information systems to understand human - environment relationships and dependencies. Social justice issues in environmental practices on federal lands. Factors influencing environmental values, attitudes, and behaviors of both the recreating and general public, especially as they relate to wildlife conservation and management. The development of technology-based communication techniques used to assess human - environment relationships.    

Water and Soils

C. Rhett Jackson 
706-542-1772 or
Areas of expertise: hydrology, land-use change, stormwater management, watershed planning, wetlands, aquatic habitat, hurricane, levee, Hurricane Katrina

Daniel Markewitz 
706-542-0133 or
Areas of expertise: Water quality, water chemistry, soil chemistry, nutrient runoff, nitrogen, phosphorus, fertilization, soil erosion

Lawrence A. Morris 
706-542-2532 or
Areas of expertise: Soil and nutrition management, Forest land utilization of waste and wastewater, and root-soil interactions.

Todd Rasmussen 
706-542-4300 or
Areas of expertise: surface water, groundwater, water quality, coil physics, numerical modeling and TMDLs    


Michael J. Chamberlain
706-542-1181 or 
Areas of expertise:  black bear, coyotes, game management, predators, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys

Michael J. Conroy 
706-542-1167 or
Areas of expertise: Population estimation, sampling, modeling, decision theory, adaptive management

Robert Cooper 
706-542-6066 or
Areas of expertise: Avian ecology, ecosystem management, conservation ecology, and quantitative ecology. He has done several studies related to the decline of songbirds.

Gary Grossman
706-542-1160 or
Areas of expertise: freshwater and marine fish ecology, population dynamics of wildlife and fishes, habitat selection in animals, global climate change and fish and wildlife, conservation biology

Michael T. Mengak 
706-583-8096 or
Areas of expertise: Nuisance wildlife management, urban wildlife management, forest management impacts on wildlife populations, endangered species management, ecology of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains, Allegheny woodrat ecology, ecology and management of wild pigs.

Mark McConnell 
706-542-3277 or
Areas of expertise: Gamebird ecology and management, wildlife management in working landscapes, agriculture-wildlife conservation, precision agriculture, geospatial technology, GIS, avian ecology, forest management, population dynamics. 

Karl V. Miller 
706-542-1305 or
Areas of expertise: white-tailed deer, game management, herbicides, bats, songbirds, forest management, predators, coyotes.

Nathan Nibbelink 
706-542-9853 or
Areas of expertise: GIS, spatial analysis, species distribution modeling fish ecology, individual-based modeling

Bob Warren 
706-542-6474 or
Areas of expertise: The ecology and management of wildlife populations, especially in parks and urban/suburban areas; physiology, nutrition, and genetics in wildlife management; deer fertility control and population management; white-tailed deer, raccoons, bobcats, wild horses, feral hogs.