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Hiring Hourly Employees

A few reminders:

Student workers may work as a student worker for only up to twenty hours if they are taking a full load of classes. If they are taking six credit hours or less, they may be transferred to an LBCLR classification and work up to 40 hours per week. 

We will not have to post all temporary, summer employee positions online.

Per UGA policy:
“For the University to remain in compliance with IRS guidelines, hiring departments must change (via personnel report) the status of a student employee to a non-student classification (LBCLR, for example) under any of the following circumstances:

  • During all breaks (including breaks between semesters) which exceed five weeks
  •  When the student employee's course load no longer qualifies him/her as at least a half-time student
  • When the student employee exceeds 20 work hours per work week when classes are in session (except during fall and spring academic breaks)”

To summarize:

If the student worker will be returning to class in the fall, we will not have to go through the online hiring process. If the student worker will work more than 20 hours per week, they will have to be reclassified from STUWK to LBCLR, but we still will not have to go through the online hiring process if they are returning to class in the fall. However, if a student worker will be graduating, we need to go through the whole process and post their position online.
This is how the hourly hiring process will work:
1. To begin your job posting, the first thing we need is the job description. When that is returned to me, I will submit the position to be posted online. As soon as HR approves the posting, I will send you a link and posting number so that your applicant(s) can apply.

2. Once the applicant(s) applies and you decide which applicant you would like to hire, I will submit a hiring proposal to HR. HR will then send an email to the applicant with a link to an online background check that the applicant should complete. Please keep in mind this is a timely process.

3.  When the hiring proposal approved by HR, HR will send your applicant an email with an onboarding packet to complete.

4. Next, you will need to fill out a personnel request and the hiree will need to fill out an employee information form.

5. He/she will also have to complete an I-9 form. For the I-9, he/she will need to bring in a combination of any of the acceptable documents listed here. The most common documents used are your passport alone OR your driver’s license and social security card. If he/she cannot bring these documents directly to my office, he/she can mail or fax notarized copies. My fax number is 706-583-8356.

6. He/she will have to complete state and federal tax forms as well as a direct deposit form. For the direct deposit, the hiree must have a voided check or letter from his/her bank that gives permission to use direct deposit. 

7. He/she will also have to complete ethics and security training online through eLC that I will enroll them in.

If you already know who you would like to hire, please let me know their name(s) when you submit your job posting description so that I can look out for their application. HR has been very picky lately with our hiring proposals. Please keep this in mind when you fill out the job description. For example, if you say that an applicant is required to have a certain degree, they must have that degree or the hiring proposal will be denied. To go around this, you may choose to use wording such as “or equivalent experience” or have preferences instead of requirements. Additionally, please have your applicant(s) fill out his/her application as completely as possible with experience and education information.

Required Forms: