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Graduate Student Registration

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Fall 2013

Registration for Fall Semester begins August 9, 2013. All new and currently enrolled students have been cleared to enter the OASIS Registration System; however, students are responsible for registering for courses which meet the approval of their major professors. If you find that you have not been cleared for advisement, please see Kate deDufour (Rm. 1-217). Listed below are instructions for registration.


Students on assistantship must register for 18 hours each semester. In addition to the courses prescribed by your committee, you must add research hours that extend the total to 18. Students on assistantship must register prior to the first day of class. If you do not meet the registration deadline, the Graduate School will flag your registration for the following semester.


Any student who has forgotten his/her PIN number can have it reset by calling (tbd).


POD restrictions are cleared by the department in which the course is listed. If the POD class is a Forestry and Natural Resources course, the professor teaching the course must e-mail permission to Kate deDufour at If the class is in a department other than Forestry and Natural Resources, the student must contact the instructor of the course for the procedure followed in that department.


The Registration System also can be accessed through Athena.


Schedules of Classes are available on-line on the OASIS Registration System. The browse option in the registration screen will display only open courses (classes already filled will not be shown).

Registration Deadlines

The beginning registration date for Fall Semester is Friday, August 9, 2013. The ending dates vary depending on the Session/Semester. To determine the deadline for registration for a particular Session/Semester, see Registration Dates on the Registrar's web site. Students should be aware that the Registrar's Office charges a $50 late fee for each deadline missed.


A graduate student desiring to withdraw from a course may do so in the OASIS System. The course instructor must enter a grade (“W” or “WF”) in OASIS after the student initiates the withdrawal. A student holding an assistantship must maintain the required minimum course load.

Withdrawal after the midpoint of a semester will require assignment of a grade of WF unless a documented health or emergency reason has been confirmed by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Therefore, all course withdrawals initiated after the midpoint must be screened by Student Affairs. Students will be blocked from requesting a course withdrawal if it is beyond the midpoint and they have not been screened by Student Affairs. After receiving clearance to withdraw, a student must withdraw in the OASIS system by the deadline given by Student Affairs. Failure to withdraw by the deadline will require contacting Student Affairs to obtain a new clearance. NOTE: No refund is issued for withdrawal from a course after the drop/add period.

An enrolled student who desires a complete withdrawal from the University must contact the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs (706.542.3564). Any refund for a complete withdrawal will be assessed by that office.

Incomplete (I)

The letter “I” indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work, but for non-academic reasons beyond his/her control was unable to meet full requirements of the course. When completing the grade change form to remove an “Incomplete grade,” it is important to enter the “Date Work Completed” above the instructor’s signature. When an incomplete grade is not removed within three semesters (including summer), the “I” automatically becomes an "F." Once a grade of Incomplete converts to an F, it remains an F.

Degree Objective Change

A request to change a degree objective and/or major may be submitted to the Graduate School if a student has registration eligibility and is, (1) changing degree status within the same department and/or (2) changing from one major to another within the same department. A student admitted in the non-degree classification is not eligible to request a change of degree objective. A student in this classification must submit an application for admission to be considered for a degree program.

Continuous Enrollment Policy

The Graduate School required that all enrolled students pursuing graduate degrees at the University of Georgia maintain continuous enrollment from matriculation until completion of all degree requirements.

Continuous enrollment is defined as registering for a minimum of three (3) credits in at least two semesters per year (Fall, Spring, Summer) until the degree is attained or status as a degree seeking graduate student is terminated. Doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy and masters students who have satisfactorily completed all required courses will be allowed to register at a rate equivalent to the prevailing in-state tuition rate. This policy specifies a minimum for maintaining status as a degree-seeking graduate student only. It does not supercede the minimum enrollment requirements of other programs, offices, or agencies.

Departmental Transfers

A current applicant may notify Graduate Admissions of his/her wish to change the proposed degree objective, major, and/or department. Such requests are taken by email, letter or phone. The requested change(s) will be made and copies of the applicant's transcripts and test scores will be sent to the new department. The applicant is responsible for contacting the new department regarding any supplemental departmental requirements. The applicant may request that the previous department forward letters of recommendation to the new department. Such a request should be submitted in writing to the previous department. If the department has no objection, the material should be mailed directly from the previous department to the new department; it should not be given to the applicant to deliver by hand.