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Getting Settled at UGA/Warnell

My Athena Student Account

Your Student Account is a centralized billing and payment system that includes charges such as tuition and fees, lab/course fees, residence hall rent, food service, parking permits, parking fines and other campus charges. For more information about your student account refer to Accessing Your Student Account.

Student ID

The UGACard is the official University of Georgia identification card for students, faculty, staff and dependents. UGACards can be obtained at the Tate Student Center Cashier's Window on the third floor of the Tate Student Center.

Parking Permits

Generally, registration takes place online in the spring for the following fall. Any one wishing to be considered for a permit in the fall should do so then. Specific dates and deadlines will be posted and permit assignments are usually issued in mid-July. At other times of the year, customers may register at any time and may be able to purchase a non-waitlisted permit at Parking Services. See UGA's Parking Services.


You are allowed to have an outside door key, the appropriate office and lab keys, and the graduate student computer lab key card. Your major professor must request these keys for you through an e-mail to Ashley McCullough at (Rm. 2-225A). A refundable key deposit is required: $25 for the first two keys, $10 for any additional keys. Payment must be made by check, cash is not accepted.

Office Space

Office space is allocated by Dr. Scott Merkle, Associate Dean for Research. Your major advisor must request office space for you.

Pay Checks for Students on Assistantship or Hourly Payroll

Please note: This information is undergoing revision as of 5/3/13.

Direct deposit of assistantship checks to an F.D.I.C.-insured bank or institution is mandatory. Direct deposit form. Direct deposit begins in the second month after the initial paperwork has been completed. You may pick up your pay advisement from Ashley McCullough (Rm. 2-225A) on the appropriate payday; however, graduate students are encouraged to sign up for E-Stub, and have their pay advisement sent electronically.

Ashley McCullough (Room 2-225) handles distribution of Graduate Assistant pay advisement forms and first-month checks. Graduate assistants are paid on the last working day of the month. No time sheets are required. Checks and pay advisement forms that have not been picked up within five working days will be shredded, actual paychecks will be returned to the Payroll Department in the Business Services Building. If your check has been returned to Payroll, you will be required to pickup your check personally and show a picture ID.

Hourly employees are paid every two weeks. Hourly employees must fill out a time sheets and turn them in on time to be paid for the period worked. Time sheets are handled by (TBD); however, Mrs. Black also handles the advisement forms for hourly employees.

Payroll Paperwork

Please note: This information is undergoing revision as of spring 2017.

As a new University of Georgia employee, you are required by the Division of Human Resources to complete an online employee orientation. (When prompted, you will need to enter as non-benefits eligible). Send your completed orientation form, without the notarized signatures to Ms. Angela Callaway in Room 2-216. Questions regarding on-line orientation and associated forms may be referred to Ms. Callaway by telephone at 706.542.4746 or by e-mail at Failure to complete orientation will result in your paycheck being withheld. NOTE: You will sign the forms and Ms. Callaway will notarize your signature when you reach campus. (It is important that the forms are received as soon as possible so our accounting office can begin the paperwork to get you on payroll.)

First-time employees of the University of Georgia must comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. If you are a U.S. citizen, upon your arrival at UGA you will need to present your Social Security card or birth certificate and a driver’s license or other picture ID. Foreign nationals must possess an F1 or J1 visa.

Employees are required to have their payroll checks directly deposited. You may have your payroll payment deposited into your checking or savings account at any banking institution that is a member of the Automated Clearing House.

Your assistantship stipend will be issued in monthly payments. Federal and state income taxes will be withheld. You are not liable for Social Security (FICA) taxes.


Orientation programs are offered by each division within which a graduate student is enrolled (Warnell, Graduate School, International Student Life).  The Warnell Orientation is specific to the needs and requirements of students in the School. The Graduate School Orientation is designed to offer information on the community and local businesses. International Education Orientation is designed to provide information specific to the international student. For more information, please contact:

Kate deDufour
Graduate Program Administrator
Office: 1-217
Phone: 706-542-1183