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Water, Soils & Environmental Systems


Hydrology and Environmental Systems

Rhett Jackson
Todd Rasmussen
Susan Wilde

Invasive Species 

Brian Irwin
Clinton Moore


Elizabeth King


Michael Kane
Daniel Markewitz
Lawrence Morris

Waste Recycling and Treatment 

Rhett Jackson
Lawrence Morris


This program considers the physical, hydraulic, chemical and biological processes affecting soil and water resources. Studies are directed toward the development of skills to observe, understand, model, and manage complex environmental systems. Research areas include MS and PhD degrees in hydrology, forest soils, and water quality and environmental systems. These areas offer students the ability to focus on surface and subsurface fluid flow processes, contaminant fate and transport, forest soil processes, environmental systems analysis, and treatment processes for contaminant removal. Additional opportunities exist for interdisciplinary studies with programs in ecology, geology, crop and soil sciences, biological and agricultural engineering, natural resources policy, environmental health sciences, geography, fisheries, wildlife, and environmental design. Graduates of these areas find employment in industry, consulting firms, and government agencies dealing with matters related to environmental issues.