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Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management


The Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) graduate program emphasizes the “human dimension” of natural resources, with special focus on outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism. PRTM courses are designed to prepare students with practical real-world skills and the tools needed to identify, understand and manage complex human-environment issues. These include understanding significant historical developments, developing services and programs, managing for recreational impacts, and recognizing the importance of sustainable development.

Graduates from this program are prepared for leadership opportunities within the field and may pursue positions in the outdoor tourism industry, public parks, and various local, state, and federal agencies. MS and PhD graduates are also prepared for further research and teaching at the university level, and within state or federal agencies as well as NGOs.


Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management can be pursued under the MNR, MS, and PhD degree programs. To pursue PRTM as an official Area of Emphasis (MNR only), the following courses are required:

MNR PRTM requirements


For general questions about pursuing a graduate degree at Warnell, contact a member of the graduate team (sidebar, right). Prospective students should also contact faculty members for questions specific to this disciplinary area. Please check faculty members’ personal pages (linked below) for information about their individual research interests and projects to ensure that you are contacting the most relevant ones.

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