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Forest Business


Warnell’s graduate program in Forest Business combines advanced business courses and forestry work to prepare graduates for a diverse array of high-level career paths. In partnership with the Terry College of Business and other programs, Forest Business course offerings include accounting, finance, and forest business management and planning. Elective courses may be taken from a variety of MBA-level courses or courses in forest resource management.

Graduates of the Forest Business program can pursue careers in a number of fields, including consulting, lending, conservation, procurement, and economic development. Other possibilities include policy and academia. For more information about careers, click here.


Most students in the Forest Business Management program pursue the Master of Forest Resources (MFR) degree. MS and PhD programs also are available. To pursue Forest Business as an official Area of Emphasis (MFR only), the following courses are required:

MFR Forest Business requirements

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The Harley Langdale Jr. Center for Forest Business

Director: Joe Parsons, (706) 870-9971,

The Center for Forest Business, housed in the Daniel B. Warnell School of Forest Resources, was established in 1997 to integrate the business aspects of forest production and processing with the biological and ecological requirements of sustainable production. The Center provides timely, relevant education, research and service programs to business and industry leaders, forest landowners and students. Its mission is to provide national leadership in education, research and service to forest industry and private landowners in these areas: the integration of sound forest business principles and practices with contemporary biological and quantitative methods to achieve sustainable forest production; the investigation of forest resources and forest industry alternatives that are economically competitive in the global marketplace; and the proposal of market-based solutions to forest resource problems and opportunities. Principal activities of the Center will focus on: a graduate program which educates professionals who will successfully occupy senior-level positions in private industry and public organizations; research to improve planning and provide financial analyses to forest industry and private forest landowners; and service programs to educate professionals and organizations about the financial, biological and social components of intensive forest production.


For general questions about pursuing a graduate degree at Warnell, contact a member of the graduate team (sidebar, right). Prospective students should also contact faculty members for questions specific to this disciplinary area. Please check faculty members’ personal pages (linked below) for information about their individual research interests and projects to ensure that you are contacting the most relevant ones.

Pete Bettinger
Bronson Bullock
Chris Cieszewski
Joe Conrad
Joseph Dahlen
Dale Greene
Bob Izlar Director Emeritus
Mike Kane
Yanshu Li
Richard (Bin) Mei
Joe Parsons
Jacek Siry