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Forest Biology


Tree growth and the development of forest stands are both controlled by a complex suite of biological and physical factors. The primary goal of the Forest Biology program is to generate and maintain healthy, productive forests by studying basic biological processes that influence forest development and function. The interaction of these processes with each other and with the physical environment also are studied by many of our faculty. Areas of specialization within Forest Biology include biotechnology, ecology, genetics, physiology, silviculture and soils. Integration of areas is encouraged.


Forest Biology can be pursued under the MNR, MS, and PhD degree programs. To pursue Forest Biology as an official Area of Emphasis, the following courses are required for each degree:

MNR Forest Biology requirements

MS Forest Biology requirements

PhD Forest Biology requirements


For general questions about pursuing a graduate degree at Warnell, contact a member of the graduate team (at right). Prospective students should also contact faculty members for questions specific to this disciplinary area. Please check faculty members’ personal pages for information about their individual research interests and projects to ensure that you are contacting the most relevant ones.

Doug Aubrey
Alexander Bucksch
Joseph Dahlen
Kamal Ghandi
Dan Johnson
Elizabeth King
Daniel Markewitz
Elizabeth McCarty
Scott Merkle
Cristian Montes
Lori Sutter
C.J. Tsai
Caterina Villari
Dehai Zhao