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Mechanics of flow through subsurface media, including flow in confined, water table, and leaky aquifers, delayed yield, partially penetrating wells, boundaries, multiple wells, dual porosity media, and fractured rock; use of aquifer tests to estimate aquifer hydraulic properties.

Credit hours:
Prerequisites or Corequisites:

Not open to students with credit in FORS 8730

Prerequisite: FORS 4110/6110-4110L/6110L or WASR(FORS) 4110/6110-4110L/6110L or GEOL 4220/6220 or GEOG 4030/6030 or CRSS 4600/6600-4600L/6600L or permission of school

Other information:

Offered spring semester every even-numbered year.

Course name:
Aquifer Mechanics