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Applying to Graduate School

Warnell Minimum GPA Required

  Masters PhD
Undergraduate GPA    3.0  3.0
Graduate GPA     —  3.5


GRE Scores of Current Warnell Graduate Students

Percentile Total Score
75th          317
50th           310
25th          304

**Use this GRE Concordance Table to translate your GRE scores from the old scale.**


Application Deadlines

Applicants are urged to apply as early as possible up to one year in advance of the desired matriculation date.

Domestic Applicants:

Semester Deadline*
Fall Semester   July 1
Spring Semester   October 1
Summer Semester   May 1
May Session   April 1

International Applicants:

Semester Deadline
Fall Semester      April 15
Spring Semester     October 1
Summer Semester      Feb. 15


*To be considered for a Warnell or Graduate School assistantship, applicants must have a complete and accepted application by the appropriate deadline (below) to be eligible for an assistantship. See the Assistantships section for more information on these and other funding opportunities.

          Graduate School Assistantship: January 1st
          Warnell School Assistantship: February 1st (Fall) or October 1st (Spring)


After all application materials are submitted...

When applicants have submitted all materials required of the Graduate Admissions Office and Warnell, all documents will be sent to the faculty selected as potential major professor(s) on the Graduate Study Objectives form.  If the faculty member agrees to serve as major professor, and the student meets minimum requirements, the Warnell Graduate Office submits a recommendation of acceptance to the Graduate School.

If a faculty member agrees to serve as major professor but the applicant does not meet Warnell minimum requirements, the faculty member and student may petition the Warnell Graduate Affairs Committee for admission. Please contact the Warnell Graduate Programs Office for more information regarding admission appeals.  

If no faculty member agrees to serve as a major professor or if the Graduate Affairs Committee does not recommend admission, the application must be denied admission.  After Warnell makes a recommendation to the Graduate School, Graduate Admissions will send a letter in approximately 10 days informing the applicant whether he/she has been accepted.