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Graduate Assistantships

Assistantship Eligibility

Degree-seeking students accepted by the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources for Fall and Spring matriculation are automatically considered for a Warnell Assistantship if completed applications are received by the deadlines (see below); however, numbers of assistantships will vary with available funding from year to year. Consideration for Graduate School Assistantships is also automatic but only available to students admitted for Fall matriculation.

Assistantship Types

1. Graduate School Assistantships

Graduate School Assistantships are funded through the UGA Graduate School for the first 5 semesters, including summer. During this time, the recipient is required to assist his or her Major Professor in research. Warnell will support a Master’s student for a maximum of 2 more semesters, including summer, for and a Doctoral student for a maxiumum of 5 more semesters. When on Warnell support, the student will be expected to TA once per academic year.

Competitions for Graduate School Assistantships are administered by the Graduate School under rules published in the Graduate School Bulletin, and only research degrees are eligible for consideration. The Graduate Coordinator selects candidates for the competition from the top applicants to the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.  Only applications complete by January 1 and recommended for acceptance by faculty will be eligible for consideration.

2. Warnell Assistantships

Warnell assistantships are funded by the School, and are awarded solely on the basis of merit.  The recipient’s duties include assisting faculty members in teaching and research. Standard length of support for a Master’s student is 2 years, and for a Doctoral student is 3 years. Students are obligated to TA one semester per academic year for the duration of departmental support. To be eligible for consideration, applications must be complete by February 1 (for fall admission) and October 1 (for spring admission) and the applicant must be recommended for acceptance by a faculty member.

3. Research Assistantships

Graduate Research assistantships are funded by research grants.  Recipients are selected by the Principal Investigator (PI) of the grant and are required to assist the PI in research.  Research assistantships may be awarded at any time during the year. 

4. Teaching Assistantships

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will award a limited number of Teaching Assistantships to students who apply. Students will be notified by email when the online application is available. Teaching Assistantships extend from the first day of class to the last day of final exams for the semester in which the assigned course is taught.All students who wish to gain experience in teaching may apply for a teaching assignment through the online Teaching Assistant application.

5. Other Funding Opportunities

USDA National Needs Graduate Fellowship: Designed to develop competent and capable managers and researchers who can pipeline into successful careers in forest economics, management and planning. 


Assistantship Stipend

The assistantship stipend amount depends on the funding source. Graduate School Assistantships and Warnell Graduate Assistantships are granted at 40 percent time (0.4 EFT). Research Assistantship stipends vary depending on the funding source.  Teaching Assistantships are paid at 35 percent time (0.35 EFT).  No graduate student may work more than 50 percent time. Students on assistantship must register for 18 hours of graduate credit per semester, including summer.


.33 EFT

.40 EFT

.50 EFT

Stipend — MS & MFR/MNR*

$17,985/yr or $1,498/mo $21,800/yr or $1,816/mo $27,250/yr or $2,270/mo

Stipend — PHD*

$19,437/yr or $1,619/mo

$23,560/yr or $1,963/mo

$29,450/yr or $2,454/mo

Hours of Work Required

13 hrs/week 16 hrs/week 20 hrs/week

Tuition Waiver


*Rates for FY 2022


Assistantship Offer Letters/Renewals

1. Graduate assistants and their supervising professors must give careful attention to the duties listed and dates covered by the original offer letter, which serves as the assistantship contract. Desired alterations of an executed contract to fit contingencies and individual plans will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

2. Renewal of an assistantship requires approval by the major professor and requires action by the student and major professor. The appropriate renewal forms will be made available to major professors, who then will complete the budget portion and hand off the form to the student to complete personnel information and indicate acceptance of the renewal.

3. During the contract period, there is no provision for annual leave or vacation. The graduate assistant’s supervisor should be notified as soon as possible of an absence caused by illness. Absence for other reasons must receive prior approval.