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FY17 Honor Roll

Give every year. Make a difference every day.

Donors from FY17 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017) are listed on this honor roll. Thank you to all of our donors!


$10,000 and Up

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

Mr. John M. Allan and Mrs. Juliet Allan

American Chestnut Foundation

Mr. John E. Anderson and Mrs. Rebecca Both Anderson

Mr. Barry L. Beers and Mrs. Naomi H. Beers

Mr. Robert F. Burgin III

Burgin Timberland Management, LLC

Mrs. Doris Cherry

Coastal Soil and Water Conservation District

Drax Biomass International Inc.

Eversheds Sutherland LLP

F & W Forestry Services, Inc.

Georgia Forestry Association, Inc.

Georgia Ornithological Society

Mrs. Carol Schirmer Haeussler

Hancock Natural Resource Group

Georgia Ornithological Society

International Plant Nutrition Institute

Mr. Tom E. Johnson III and Mrs. Diane M. Johnson

Mr. Steve C. Keadle and Mrs. Sandra Keadle

Keadle Family Fund

Dr. Forest E. Kellogg III and Mrs. Pat Kellogg

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Langdale III

Dr. and Mrs. Arnett C. Mace Jr.


Mr. Hank Page Jr. and Mrs. Susan Wood Page

Mr. John R. Parker Jr. and Mrs. Kay Parker

Pollard Lumber Co., Inc.

Prudential Financial

Resource Management Service, LLC

Mr. Miles A. Stone and Mrs. Teresa W. Stone

Stuckey Timberland, Inc.

Superior Pine Products Company

The Forestland Group, LLC

The Frank W. Norris Foundation

The Molpus Company

Mr. Marshall D. Thomas and Mrs. Mariruth Thomas

Timberland Investment Resources

US Endowment for Forestry & Communitites, Inc.

US Land and Farms LLC


Adams and Reese LLP

Arborgen, Inc.

Dr. Clark Binkley

Blue Source LLC

BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group, LLC

Campbell Global Forest & Natural Resource Investments

CatchMark Timber Trust

Finite Carbon Corporation

First American Title Insurance Company

Fishsport, Inc.

Forest Investment Associates L.P.

Forest Resource Consultants, Inc.

Forisk Consulting, LLC

Frazier & Deeter LLC

GreenWood Resources, Inc

Mr. Leonard D. Hogan Sr.

J&M Tank Lines, Inc.

Jamestown LP

John Hancock

Jones Lang LaSalle

Mr. Garrett D. Mack

Dr. Brooks C. Mendell and Dr. Elizabeth E. Mendell


Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

Mr. Thomas F. Norris

Outdoor Underwriters, Inc.

Schwab Charitable Fund


Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

Stafford Capital Partners

Mr. Richard D. Stanfield

The Appraisers Research Foundation

Thompson Hine LLP

Timberland II, LLC

Mr. Jack D. Tribble and Mrs. Kathleen Tribble

Mr. Andres C. Villegas

Dr. Alfred Viola and Mrs. Joy Viola

WestRock Company



Mr. James I. Alfriend and Ms. Ellen Alfriend

Mr. James P. Alfriend and Ms. Sarah E. Alfriend

Shirley S. Allen

American Forest Management, Inc.

Argent Trust Company

Ms. Mary E. Aronow and Mr. Joseph Burns

Balch & Bingham, LLP

Mr. Earl D. Barrs and Mrs. Wanda Taylor Barrs

Mr. Andrew D. Barrs and Mrs. Carmen Hobbs Barrs

Mr. Peter S. Bischoff

Mrs. Christine A. Brownlie and Mr. Robert P. Brownlie

Mr. Robert G. Capes and Mrs. Alisa Capes

Claw Forestry Services, LLC

Mr. Louis M. Coffee III and Mrs. Kendra Coffee

Community Foundation of South Georgia, Inc.

Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.

Conservation Forestry LLC

Coosa Valley Chapter 519 Trout Unlimited

Deltic Timber Corporation

Mr. Smith Dolliver Jr. and Mrs. Sharon Dolliver

Enviva, LP

Mr. Richard O. Fitzgerald

Flatwoods Forestry Services, Inc.

Fulghum Fibres, Inc.

Senator David H. Gambrell

Gay Wood Company, Inc.

Georgia Division Society of American Foresters

Georgia Power Company

Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Georgia-Pacific Financial Management LLC

Mr. Robert Glasscock and Mrs. Brenda Glasscock

Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

Dean Dale Greene and Dr. Jeanna Wilson

Hancock Forest Management Inc.

Mr. Charles B. Haygood Jr. and Mrs. Mary I. Haygood

Haygood, Lynch, Harris, Melton & Watson, LLP

Interfor US, Inc.

International Paper Company

Mr. Robert L. Izlar and Mrs. Janice Bullard Izlar

J.M. Huber Corporation

LP Building Products

Mrs. Emily J. McAfee

Mr. Steve McWilliams

Dr. J. Michael Meyers and Mrs. June R. Meyers

Mr. David Miceli

Mr. John R. Mullis and Ms. Cherri Free Mullis

Mr. Brian P. Murphy and Ms. Heidi M. Murphy

National Wild Turkey Federation, Inc.

Newport Timber, LLC

Mr. Michael L. Newsome

Mrs. Arlene C. Norris

North Georgia Timber, LLC

Mr. Robert J. Olszewski

Mr. Druid N. Preston Sr. and Mrs. Carol Preston

Quality Deer Management Association

Mr. James O. Reed

Mr. Richard Rightmyer

Mr. James R. Rogers and Mrs. Janet N. Rogers


Mr. J. Harold Sanders III

Sanders Logging

Dr. Gregory T. M. Schildwachter

Silvics Solutions, LLC

Southeastern Timber Products, LLC

Mr. Charles M. Stripling III and Mrs. Patricia Hackney Stripling

Dr. Michael A. Tarrant

Mrs. Shelba Morris Taylor

Mr. Scot W. Teverino and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Teverino

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Conservation Fund

The Herpetologists' League

The Wildlife Society Inc Georgia Chapter

Ms. Ashley R. Turner and Mr. Jack G. Turner

Mr. James E. Wagner

Walton EMC

Watershed Results

Wells Fargo Bank

West Rock Land & Development

Mr. James E. Wise and Mrs. Gladys Wise



AgSouth Farm Credit, ACA

Mr. Bryan Aldridge and Ms. Carmen Aldridge

Mr. Joseph M. Allen and Ms. Susan K. Allen

Mr. Phillip E. Allen

Mr. Robert J. Allen

American Wetlands Corporation

Mr. James M. Anderson Jr.

Dr. Lucy H. Andrews

Arbor Creek Forestry, LLC

Mr. Robert T. Atkinson Sr. and Mrs. Ann West Atkinson

B & S Air, Inc.

Ms. Sara S. Baldwin and Mr. David F. Baldwin

Mr. Mark O. Bara and Mrs. Barbara N. Bara

Barefoot Mountain Farms

Mr. Wayne A. Barfield

Mr. Cody W. Barham

Mr. William R. Barnes

Mr. Alvin S. Bayme

Mr. Robert E. Beach and Mrs. Frances Beach

Beach Forest Management

Mr. Joseph L. Beasley and Mrs. Jannette Beasley

Beasley Forest Products, Inc.

Mr. William C. Beckham III and Ms. Melissa Beckham

Mrs. Joyce Ballard Beckwith and Dr. Julian R. Beckwith III

Dr. Carolyn N. Belcher

Mr. Wayne Bell and Mrs. Kathryn Bell

Dr. John W. Bembry and Mrs. Latrelle Helms Bembry

Mr. John L. Bennett and Mrs. Martha R. Dennis

Dr. Peter S. Bettinger and Ms. Kelly A. Bettinger

Ms. Emily A. Bilcik

Bill Breiner Forestry LLC

Mr. Leslie H. Blair and Mrs. Mary E. Blair

Mr. David L. Blalock

Mr. Larry Bloome

Mr. Danny D. Blount

BG James W. Boddie Jr. and Mrs. Shirley A. Boddie

Mr. William I. Bowen Jr. and Mrs. Kelly Mason Bowen

Mr. Kevin R. Bowman

Mr. Lawrence W. Braddock and Mrs. Pat Braddock

Mr. Jonathan F. Braswell and Ms. Dana M. Braswell

Mr. Aubrey J. Breiner and Ms. Sherrie B. Breiner

Mr. Stephen W. Brown III

Dr. Bronson Bullock

Burgundy Timber, Inc

Dr. Harold E. Burkhart and Mrs. Katherine Burkhart

Mr. Joseph A. Burns and Mrs. Ashley Burns

Burns Forestry, Inc.

Mr. Jonathan E. Burt

Mr. Paul M. Butts


Mr. Christopher W. Carey

Carlton and Brenda Owen Fund

Mr. Douglas E. Carter

Mr. Timothy L. Cash and Mrs. Judy Cash

Mr. James P. Castleberry and Ms. Vanessa D. Castleberry

Dr. Steven B. Castleberry and Ms. Nikole L. Castleberry

Mr. Thomas N. Cathey and Mrs. Deborah M. Cathey

Dr. Jon P. Caulfield and Mrs. Deidre Caulfield

Mr. Justin L. Chafin and Mrs. Anna M. Chafin

Mr. James L. Chance

Mr. Steven A. Chapman and Ms. Autumn M. Chapman

Chattahoochee Nantahala CP

Mr. Glynn S. Chesser and Mrs. Ginger Chesser

Mr. Joseph D. Christy


Dr. Kim D. Coder and Mrs. Holly A. Coder

Mr. Carter E. Coe

Mr. Arthur B. Collins III and Mrs. Marian Collins

Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc.

Mr. John C. Cook

Dr. Walter L. Cook Jr. and Mrs. Carol J. Cook

Mr. Allen S. Cooper

Mr. William J. Craft Jr. and Mrs. Alida Craft

Dr. Gino J. D'Angelo and Ms. Jamie L. D'Angelo

Mr. Blake B. Dasher

Mr. Hinton G. Davis and Mrs. Ellen Davis

Len and Mot Davis

Mr. Louie F. Deaton

Mr. Joseph M. DeGross III and Mrs. Brandy DeGross

Mr. Gilbert R. DeHuff and Mrs. Mary Breedlove DeHuff

Mr. Carl J. Della Torre III and Ms. Whitney Jacobs Della Torre

Dr. Donald E. Dennerline

Mr. Jerry D. Dowdy and Mrs. Susan Dowdy

Mr. Charles C. Dukes

Mr. Robert R. Dunlap and Mrs. Sue M. Dunlap

Mr. John R. Eadie and Mrs. Kay L. Eadie

Mr. John D. Earle and Ms. Cynthia Hall

Mr. Curtis P. Eason

Mr. Thomas S. Eddins

Mr. Samuel W. Elliott and Mrs. Mary Moore Elliott

Mr. Thomas E. Evans

Mrs. Anna E. Farmer and Mr. Stephen J. Farmer

Mr. Robert D. Farris and Mrs. Beverly Farris

Mr. Willard H. Fell Jr.

Fidelity National Title Group

Mr. Jack P. Fillingham and Ms. Sally Fillingham

Mr. George W. Flanders and Mrs. Cecile W. Flanders

Mr. Wendell A. Fordham

Forest2Market, Inc

ForesTech International, LLC

Mr. Nicholas E. Forsburg

Ms. Kathleen Forsburg

Mr. Brian N. Fosgate and Mrs. Helen M. Fosgate

Mr. Nathan M. Fountain

Mr. Hiram P. Franklin

G & C Fertilizer

Mr. Kevin C. Gallagher and Mrs. Donna H. Gallagher

Mr. George M. Garrett Jr. and Mrs. Linda K. Garrett

Mr. Crisp Gatewood Jr. and Mrs. Catherine Hughey Gatewood

Gatewood Forestry Services, LLC

Mr. John D. Gentry Jr.

Georgia Forestry Service

Georgia Perennial Plant Association

Georgia Timber, LLC

COL Charles L. Gilbert

Mr. John W. Godbee and Ms. Amy A. Godbee

Mr. John F. Godbee Jr. and Mrs. Carole Godbee

Dr. Robin B. Goodloe

Mr. Joshua L. Goodman and Ms. Lauren A. Goodman

Mr. James T. Goodrum

Ms. Katrina K. Gorse

Mr. Zackary T. Gorse

Mr. Mike Gould

Dr. Gary T. Green and Mrs. Kimberly D. Green

Dr. Charles A. Gresham and Mrs. Sands M. Gresham

Mr. Marvin L. Griffin and Ms. Annette Griffin

Mr. Victor U. Grose Jr.

Mr. William K. Guthrie and Mrs. Jill C. Guthrie

Mr. Richard B. Haddock and Ms. Amy Haddock

Mr. Philip E. Hale and Mrs. Sarah Jones Hale

Mr. Herman O. Hamrick and Mrs. Rachel J. Hamrick

Mr. Donald W. Hansford and Mrs. Kelly M. Hansford

Mr. Thomas C. Harden and Mrs. Bridget B. Harden

Mr. Stephens L. Harp Jr. and Mrs. Brenda Harp

COL John Samuel Harp and Mrs. Kathy Meredith Harp

Mr. Joshua K. Harrell and Mrs. Sherry A. Harrell

Mr. Michael J. Harris and Ms. Deborah L. Harris

Mr. Thomas G. Harris Jr.

Mr. Grant T. Harvey and Ms. Rachel L. Harvey

Mr. Rei Hayashi

Mr. Junior D. Helvey

Mr. David Henderson

Mr. Bernard Henderson III and Mrs. Margaret Henderson

Mr. Scott Hendrickson

Mr. Thomas M. Henson Sr. and Mrs. Regina Henson

Mr. James D. Hickman and Mrs. Kay Hickman

Mr. James R. Hicks Sr. and Mrs. Julia A. Hicks

Dr. Joseph E. Hightower and Mrs. Donna Hightower

Mr. Charles G. Hill and Mrs. Paulette Hill

Mr. John P. Hilliard

Mr. William A. Hinson III and Mrs. Katherine I. Hinson

Mr. Charles E. Hinson and Mrs. Myrna C. Hinson

Ms. Elizabeth Hirons

Mr. Larry M. Hodges Sr. and Dr. Donovan Evans Hodges

Mr. William D. Hodges and Ms. Kathryn Stewart Hodges

Mr. L. David Hogan Jr. and Mrs. Carol Copelan Hogan

Ms. Sharon Valitzski Holbrooks

Mr. Christopher P. Holliday and Ms. Angela G. Holliday

Mr. Coleman P. Hood and Ms. Carol Hood

COL Terrill C. Hope and Mrs. Mary M. Hope

Mr. John F. Hopper and

Mr. Jamie G. Houston IV

Mr. Sloan Howard and Mrs. Virginia Brick Howard

Mr. Frank D. Huff and Mrs. Mary A. Huff

Mr. Charles G. Hughes

Mr. Henry E. Hutcheson Jr. and Ms. Rhonda Hutcheson

Mr. Michael R. Ielmini

Mr. Morgen D. Ingerson and Ms. Katherine N. Ingerson

International Forest Company

International Paper

Dr. Kristen M. Irwin and Ms. Jennifer Irwin

Mr. Steven L. Jack and Ms. Tracy Jack

Dr. Rhett Jackson and Ms. Diana Jackson

Mr. Marshall A. Jacobson and Mrs. Susan Jacobson

Mr. Joshua B. Jenkins and Ms. Jill S. Jenkins

Dr. Kristina Johannsen

Mr. Philip E. Johnson

Mr. Earle P. Jones Jr. and Mrs. Barbara S. Jones

Dr. Michael B. Kane and Ms. Lida Q. Kane

Keadle Land Company, LLP

Mr. Harold C. Kendrick Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Kendrick

Mrs. Bonnie J. Kepler

Dr. George D. Kessler and Mrs. Marsha Kessler

Mr. James C. Kidd Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn P. Kidd

Mrs. Onnie Kiland

CDR Samuel P. Killian III and Mrs. Martha Killian

Mr. Fredrick W. Kinard Jr.

Mr. Monty M. Kirby and Mrs. Mary A. Kirby

Dr. Whitney M. Kistler

Mr. Richard G. Koger and Mrs. Janice Craven Koger

Mr. Max C. Lang and Ms. Amanda Hamsley Lang

Mr. Hubert Langley and Mrs. Emmalee Langley

Dr. Lincoln R. Larson

Law Office of Donald W. Hansford, PC

Mr. William R. Lazenby

Mr. Jonathan H. Lee

Legacy Appraisal Services LLC

Mr. Hugh G. Lentile III


Dr. Zhulu Lin and Dr. Siew H. Lim

Mr. Marion C. Lincoln and Ms. Erin A. Lincoln

Mr. Donald D. Link and Mrs. Barbara Link

Mr. Jason E. Little and Mrs. Susan L. Little

Mr. Graham M. Marsh

Dr. James A. Martin and Ms. Nevena Martin

CPT Aaron D. Mathys and Ms. Anna C. Mathys

Mr. Joseph W. Maxwell

Mr. James R. Mayo and Mrs. Cindy Stewart Mayo

Dr. Alan D. McAllister

Mr. Joseph A. McBride and Mrs. Courtney McBride

Mr. Nathan D. McClure and Mrs. Peggy McClure

Mr. Tom McCormack and Ms. Mary McCormack

Mr. Smyth F. McCrady and Mrs. Rahn P. McCrady

Mr. Leonard N. McDaniel

Mrs. Kayla McGehee

Mr. Clinton D. McNeal

Mr. Jess S. McNeill and Ms. Meredith E. McNeill

Mr. Robert N. McWhorter and Mrs. Lea A. McWhorter

Mr. Craig E. Melton and Ms. Julie M. Hodges

Dr. Scott A. Merkle and Dr. Roberta K. Merkle

Mr. Timothy J. Mersmann and Mrs. Sue E. Mersmann

Mrs. Susan Metheney and Mr. Frank W. Metheney Jr.

Metheney Charitable Gift Fund

Middle Georgia Timber, LLC

Mr. William F. Miller III and Mrs. Nancy Miller

Ms. Elizabeth A. Miller

Dr. Karl V. Miller and Mrs. Renee A. Miller

Mr. R. James Mitchell III

Mr. John W. Mixon and Mrs. Sue Mixon

Mr. Scott T. Mooney and Ms. Lois C. Mooney

Dr. Clinton T. Moore and Mrs. Mary T. Moore

Mr. William G. Moore

Mr. Christopher E. Moorman and Mrs. Leslie S. Moorman

Mr. Mark G. Morash and Ms. Lisa K. Morash

Dr. Lawrence A. Morris and Ms. Sue A. Lawrence

Mr. Todd H. Mullis and Ms. Kelli Mullis

Mr. Brad Murfee

Mr. Rafael C. Nail and Mrs. Roberta L. Nail

Dr. Alison Vandersall Nairn and Dr. C. Joseph Nairn III

National Land Realty

New Ground Properties, LLC

Ms. Alexandra N. Newton

Dr. Nathan P. Nibbelink and Ms. Heidi Nibbelink

Niolon Lumber Sales

Mr. Alex Nixon and Mrs. Markie Nixon

Norbord Inc.

Mr. Patrick M. O'Rouke and Mrs. Tate Izlar O'Rouke

Mr. Mike J. Oppenheimer and Ms. Marlene A. Oppenheimer

Mr. Joseph S. Osborne and Mrs. Kimberly Osborne

Mr. Carlton N. Owen and Mrs. Brenda Owen

Mr. Thomas M. Owens and Ms. Karla S. Owens

Mr. James C. Ozier and Mrs. Kimberly A. Ozier

Mr. Dennis E. Palmer and Mrs. Julia Thigpen Palmer

Dr. Susan E. Parker

Mr. Joseph D. Parsons and Mrs. Melanie Parsons

Dr. James T. Paul and Mrs. Helen F. Paul

Peeples Industries Inc.

Mrs. Carrie H. Penn

Mr. Christopher R. Peterson and Ms. Sarah E. Peterson

Mr. Joe H. Phillips Jr.

Pierce Timber Company, Inc.

Pine Timber Trucking, Inc.

Mr. Richard W. Piper and Mrs. Donna L. Piper

Mr. Wesley C. Polk and Mrs. Elena D. Polk

Mr. Mark Pottorff

Mr. Kim W. Primmer

Quality Timber & Wildlife Mgmt, Inc

Dr. James L. Rakestraw

Mr. Robert L. Ramey Jr. and Mrs. Louisa Ramey

Mr. Richard R. Ramey and Mrs. Rhonda Ramey

Mr. Philip C. Rand and Mrs. Laurel C. Rand

Mr. Michael D. Ransom

Rayonier, Inc.

Recreation Consulting LLC

Mr. James H. Redding Jr. and Mrs. Gayle Redding

Mr. Ryan P. Reddish and Dr. Anna K. Reddish

COL Robert W. Reese and Mrs. Milbra F. Reese

Dr. Robert E. Reinert and Mrs. Shirley E. Reinert

Mr. Michael C. Remion and Mrs. Patty W. Remion

Mr. Frank Robertson and Mrs. June Harrison Robertson

Mr. Edward F. Robie and Mrs. Kate Hutcherson Robie

Mr. Harold H. Rozier Jr. and Mrs. Mary E. Rozier

Rozier Forestry Services, LLC

Mr. Mack J. Ruff Jr. and Mrs. Linda Ruff

Mr. James R. Rundorff and Ms. Teresa L. Rundorff

Mr. William E. Ryburn Jr. and Mrs. Ligia X. Ryburn

San Bar Forestry & Wildlife Services

Mr. Guy J. San Fratello

Mr. Angelo J. San Fratello

Mr. Stephen E. Sapp

Dr. Robert A. Sargent Jr.

Mr. Warren T. Sasser and Mrs. Cindy K. Sasser

Mr. Richard V. Saunders Sr. and Mrs. Kay Wike Saunders

Mr. Andrew M. Saunders and Mrs. Emily Crosby Saunders

Mr. Timothy G. Sawyer and Mrs. Carol Sawyer

Mr. David A. Schille and Mrs. Karen J. Schille

Mr. Jacob W. Scott

Dr. Barbara C. Shock

Sigma Xi

Mr. Brian K. Simmons and Mrs. Janna M. Simmons

Mr. Kennedy Simpson and Mrs. Sara F. Simpson

Dr. Srun M. Sin and Dr. Bo C. Sin

Mr. Mickey G. Sisson

Sisson & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Stephen Smith and Dr. Yenie Tran Smith

Mr. Stephen C. Smith and Ms. Ginger Smith

Mr. Earl Smith and Mrs. Caroline Smith

Mr. Steve Smith and Mrs. Elizabeth Dickey Smith

Mr. Simeon A. Smith and Mrs. Tabitha Smith

Mr. Thomas J. Smith and Mrs. Judith A. Smith

Mr. Timothy M. Smith

Mrs. Alyson P. Snipes and Mr. George W. Snipes

Southeastern Society of American Foresters

Southeastern Wood Producers Association, Inc..

Southern Land Exchange LLC

Southern Timber Solutions, LLC

Southern Timberland Consultants

Mrs. Christina M. Spilde and Mr. Hans Spilde

Ms. Tiffanie J. Starr

State Farm Companies Foundation

Ms. Christie M. Stegall

Mr. Emmett J. Stephens and Ms. Marilyn Stephens

Sterling Consulting, LLC

Mr. Brian A. Stone and Mrs. Kristen L. Stone

Mr. Edmond T. Strickland III and Mrs. Jody A. Strickland

Ms. Robin M. Studdard

Mr. Robert D. Sumner and Mrs. Jane Sumner

Dr. James M. Sweeney and Mrs. Sheila D. Sweeney

Dr. Tymur Sydor and Ms. Oksana Korolchuk

Mr. Jess F. Tanner and Mrs. June Tanner

Mr. Jeffrey M. Teal

Dr. Negussie H. Tedela and Mrs. Frezewd Admewe

The Land Leader, LLC

The Langdale Company

Mr. Kerry G. Thomas and Mrs. Joan S. Thomas

Mr. James M. Thompson and Mrs. Patricia A. Thompson

Mr. Brad Thompson Jr. and Ms. Amie O'Bryan Thompson

Mrs. Dorothy Thompson

Mr. Larry W. Thompson and Mrs. Warrene Thompson

Mr. Lester O. Thompson and Mrs. Barbara W. Thompson

Mr. Chris Thomsen and Mrs. Ellen Lerch Thomsen

Timber Mart-South

Timberland Transitions LLC

Ms. Kathy Trembath and Mr. Thomas N. Trembath

Mr. Ronald M. Turner

Mr. William J. Van Devender Jr.

Mr. Edward W. Van Hise

Ms. Laura L. Vann

Mr. William F. Varn Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Varn

Mr. Clyde E. Vaughn Jr. and Mrs. Elaine D. Vaughn

Mr. Joseph P. Vaughn

Mr. Tyler H. Verdery and Mrs. Rita Verdery

Verizon Communications, Inc.

Mr. Joel R. Vinson Sr. and Mrs. Denise Vinson

Mr. Tyler J. Wachtel

Ms. Nancy Abernethy Walczyk

Mr. Michael T. Walczyk

Mr. George D. Walker and Mrs. Doris L. Walker

Mr. Larry S. Walker and Mrs. Beth Walker

Mr. David J. Waller and Mrs. Connie Waller

Mr. Burke H. Walters and Mrs. Gail S. Walters

Mr. Fred Warnell and Ms. Kay Bostick Warnell

Dr. Kevin J. Weis and Ms. Lynn A. Lewis-Weis

Mr. Michael D. Westbrook Jr. and Mrs. April Teaver Westbrook

Mr. Matthew E. White and Ms. Kristin M. White

Mr. John F. White and Mrs. Mary L. White

Mr. Mark D. Whitney and Mrs. Shawn Whitney

Mr. John P. Whitney

Mr. Brent N. Widener and Ms. Jennifer M. Widener

Dr. Susan B. Wilde and Dr. Henry D. Wilde

Mr. Henry G. Williams and Mrs. Emma J. Williams

Mr. Jeffery D. Williams

Mr. Frank P. Wills and Mrs. Constance Collins Wills

Mr. Charles E. Withrow Jr.

Mr. C. Todd Witt

Mr. Brian T. Wommack and Ms. Lisa A. Wommack

Mr. Rodney C. Woodard and Mrs. Kathleen A. Woodard

Mr. Wayne D. Worsham and Mrs. Rebecca J. Worsham

Worsham Forest Management, Inc.

Mr. Stephen F. Worthington and Mrs. Sara R. Worthington

Mr. Matthew D. Wosotowsky and Ms. Amanda M. Wosotowsky

Mr. Robert A. Wright and Mrs. Betty Wright

Mr. Harvey P. Yates Jr.

Mr. Claude E. Yearwood and Mrs. Cheryl D. Yearwood

Dr. Xiao-Qing Zeng and Ms. Fuhui Zhang

Dr. Wei Zeng


$99 & Under

Mr. Kim C. Aaronson and Mrs. Jennifer M. Aaronson

Mr. Collin A. Aaronson

Mr. Joel P. Adair and Ms. Melissa A. Adair

Ms. Robyn E. Albritton

Mrs. Gerri Alexander

Mr. Jordan T. Alexander

Mr. William L. Anthony and Ms. Sue J. Anthony

Mr. John S. Arnett

Ms. Samantha E. Askin

Mr. Daniel Atkins and Mrs. Danielle Hernandez Atkins

Dr. Douglas P. Aubrey and Mrs. LeAnn Aubrey

Mr. Richard A. M. Avery

Mr. William E. Babcock Jr. and Mrs. Marie Babcock

Ms. Katherine M. Badcock

Mr. Jeremy J. Bailey

Mr. William R. Barrett and Mrs. Paulette Barrett

Mr. Richard T. Basila Sr. and Ms. Alexandria T. Basila

Mr. Brian C. Basila

Ms. Courtney M. Bennett

Mr. Mark Berry and Mrs. Misel Berry

Mr. William M. Berry and Ms. Faye C. Berry

Mrs. Robin Bickford

Mr. Christopher M. Bird

Ms. Kristen E. Black

Mr. Jason A. Bland and Mrs. Jessie Turk Bland

Ms. Dana R. Bloome

Mr. Willis F. Booth and Mrs. Lorna R. Booth

Mr. Michael L. Bowling

Mr. Michael J. Bozzo

Ms. Meri E. Brady-McGaughey

Mr. William H. Brantley Jr. and Mrs. Francis B. Brantley

Mr. Bert Bray and Mrs. Betty Dyson Bray

Mr. Jay W. Brooks Jr. and Ms. Meredith Brooks

Mr. James L. Brooks V

Ms. Brianne K. Brown

Ms. Samantha N. Brown

Mr. Derek C. Bruce and Ms. Katherine Echols Bruce

Mr. Michael L. Buchanon

Mr. William C. Burge

Dr. Raymond L. Busbee and Mrs. Jean Busbee

Mr. Joseph C. Camp

Dr. Luis R. Candelario and Ms. Maria Candelario

Mr. Emery M. Carter

Mr. C. W. Cauthen

Ms. Marissa D. Cent

Mr. Richard B. Chandler

Mr. Jerry Chapman and Mrs. Peggy Rhodes Chapman

Mr. Donald J. Chastain and Mrs. Martha R. Chastain

Mr. William G. Cheatum and Ms. Marisue Hilliard

Mr. Robert A. Chumlely and Mrs. Lisa O. Chumley

Ms. Shelby M. Chumley

Ms. Melinda L. Cindea

Mr. Craig W. Clayton

Mr. David M. Cohen

Mr. Derek S. Colbert

Ms. Laci S. Coleman

Mr. Bradley A. Coley

Mr. Jack H. Collier and Mrs. Nancy C. Collier

Mr. Michael R. Collins and Mrs. Sue E. Collins

Ms. Kaylan M. Collins

Dr. Adrian G. Cook

Mr. Seth M. Cook

Mr. Andrew H. Copley

Rev. Charles W. Cox and Mrs. Donna Cox

Dr. Joseph M. Dahlen

Mr. Jacob M. Dalton

Mr. Michael P. Daugherty and Mrs. Susan P. Daugherty

Mr. Joseph T. Davis Jr. and Ms. Mary M. Davis

Mr. Temperance S. Davis IV

Mr. Cecil Dean and Mrs. Mary Dean

Mr. Barnard M. Dillard and Mrs. Charlotte H. Dillard

Mr. Charles D. Diller and Mrs. Jeannine Diller

Ms. Jennifer M. Doolan

Ms. Lisa K. Duncan

Mr. David W. Duncan and Ms. Jessica Davis Duncan

Mrs. Emily S. Duvoisin

Mr. Garrett E. Edmunds and Mrs. Catherine D. Edmunds

Mr. Neal F. Eichholz and Ms. Lorrie S. Stanford

Ms. Ann J. Elkik

Mr. Nicholas A. Elkik

Dr. Duncan C. Elkins and Mrs. Leigh Askew Elkins

Mr. David R. Elmore Jr. and Mrs. Marsha J. Elmore

Mr. Jonathan D. Evans

Mr. Lanny E. Farr

Mrs. Donna Fincher and Mr. John C. Fincher

Mrs. Nadine May Fincher and Mr. William W. Fincher III

Ms. Elizabeth C. Fincher

Mr. Christopher J. Fisher

Dr. William M. Ford and Ms. Jane L. Rodrigue

Ms. Jordan N. Francis

Mr. Richard T. Franklin and Ms. Charlene E. Franklin

Ms. Jessica C. Fuller

Mr. Jon Fuller and Mrs. Michelle Fuller

Mr. Tyler J. Gagat

Mr. David L. Garrett and Ms. Rachel Rye Garrett

Ms. Elizabeth H. Gates

Mr. Matthew W. Gaw

Mr. H. Anthony Gaw Jr.

Mr. Matthew G. Gibson

Dr. Mikell R. Gleason

Mr. Jonathan K. Gray and Ms. Sarah L. Gray

Ms. Casey A. Gray

Mr. Frank Green and Mrs. Laura Smith Green

Mr. Bobby Greene and Dr. Cherry Knight Greene

Ms. Sarah L. Griffin

Mr. Joseph H. Griggs Jr.

Mr. Dallas P. Grimes and Ms. Rita Grimes

Mr. David E. Guzman Urick and Ms. Kelly K. Shoemaker

Mrs. Christina M. Hacker

Ms. Jessica M. Hardy

Mr. Claude P. Harman Jr.

Mr. Joseph N. Harper Jr.

Mr. Isaiah S. Hawkins

Mr. Loran B. Hendley

Dr. Joseph J. Hendricks and Ms. Kelly A. Hendricks

Mr. Jeffrey L. Hendricks

Ms. Hope Hepinstall-Cymerman and Dr. Jeffrey H. Hepinstall-Cymerman

Mr. Todd E. Hepp and Mrs. Ann G. Hepp

Ms. Megan E. Hightower

Mrs. Lauren B. Hildreth and Mr. Aaron M. Hildreth

Mr. Geoffrey H. Hill

Mr. Christian W. Hoadley

Ms. Essence Howell

Ms. Margaret L. Hubbard

Mr. Clifton Jackson

Ms. Bee Jean

Mr. David C. Jensen Jr.

Mr. Sidney G. Johnson

Mr. Glenn D. Jones and Mrs. Deborah Coffee Jones

Ms. Susan M. Jones

Mr. David S. Jones and Ms. Stacy Bishop Jones

Mr. Jeffrey W. Jones

Mr. John N. Juhan and Mrs. Joan Juhan

Ms. Kathryn B. Junco

Mr. Joseph Ehlinger and Mrs. Suzanne Jurva

Mr. Jeffrey D. Kastle

Mrs. Celindy D. Kellum and Mr. Glenn Kellum

Mr. Robert L. Kendall

Ms. Sara K. Kern

Dr. John C. Kilgo and Ms. Susan M. Kilgo

Ms. Katelyn S. Kivett

Ms. Sandy Kornegay

Mr. Brandon A. Lambert

Mr. John K. Lancaster

Dr. Vanessa R. Lane

Mr. Jerry R. Lanier Sr. and Mrs. Phebia Lanier

Ms. Katlyn E. LaVelle

Mr. David C. Lee and Mrs. Carol Lee

Mr. Thornwell S. Lee and Mrs. Betty W. Lee

Dr. Anna Joy J. Lehmicke

Mr. Clyde E. Lester and Mrs. Barbara Lester

Ms. Stephanie L. Lightsey

Mr. Tyler K. Lipham

Ms. Julie A. Little

Elizabeth "Liz" Lohse

Maj Robert W. Long and Mrs. Vivian Long

Long & Associates

Ms. Angela F. Losinger

Mr. Jason P. Love and Ms. Jennifer E. Love

Mr. Charlie T. Lovering Sr. and Mrs. Virginia Lovering

Ms. Rebecca M. Lynn

Mrs. Rebecka Towe Martin and Mr. Edward K. Martin Jr.

Mr. Glenn I. Martin and Ms. Hayden E. Martin

Ms. Pamela K. Martin

Mr. Shane P. Mathews

Mr. Matthew W. Matson

Mr. Mike Matthews and Mrs. Sylvia Wessinger Matthews

Mr. Stephen J. Maurer

Mrs. Linda M. May and Mr. Christopher H. May

Mr. Charles Maynard Jr. and Mrs. Rebecca Bush Maynard

Mr. Dale L. Mayson and Mrs. Jane Cordell Mayson

Mr. Robert M. McCarn and Mrs. Pamela S. McCarn

Dr. Mark D. McConnell

Mrs. Katherine Barker McCoy

Ms. Jennifer K. McDaniel

Ms. Diana J. Mcgrath

Dr. Jessica Gonynor McGuire and Mr. Will McGuire

Mr. Carl W. Melear and Mrs. Faith Melear

Mr. Kevin O. Melton and Ms. Annabeth E. Melton

Mr. Tap C. Miller and Ms. Patsy M. Miller

Mr. Austin M. Miller

Mrs. Amanda Mize

Mr. Paul M. Montello and Ms. Kimberly F. Montello

LCDR Guy C. Moore Jr.

Mr. Giles R. Moree

Mr. Jeffrey G. Morgan

Mr. Larry T. Morris and Ms. Carol W. Morris

Ms. Kate E. Mowbray

Mr. Matthew W. Mrizek

Dr. Lisa I. Muller

Mr. James Murdock

Dr. Richard H. Neill and Mrs. Barbara F. Neill

Mr. Wade K. Newbury and Ms. Lindsey K. Newbury

Ms. Morgan B. Nolan and Dr. Kathy J. Simpson

Dr. Patrick J. O'Connor and Dr. Sarah F. Covert

Ms. Mary F. O'Kerns

Ms. Rachel L. Pack

COL Arthur N. Palmer and Mrs. Faye M. Palmer

Mr. James A. Palmer

Mr. Grayson B. Parker

Mr. Barry J. Parrish

Mr. Bill E. Patterson Sr.

Patterson Farms

Ms. Corinne Peace

Ms. Catherine A. Philipps

Mr. Scott L. Phillips

Mr. Michael A. Phillips and Mrs. Anne Phillips

Mr. Matthew A. Phillips

Ms. Kayleigh Chapman Pierce

Mr. Joseph W. Pociask

Ms. Emilee M. Poole

Ms. Sara E. Porter

Mr. Harold E. Post II and Mrs. Teresa Post

Ms. Abby-Gayle A. Prieur

Mr. Jonathon W. Pritchard

Mr. Cory M. Pruett

Mr. Hunter P. Pruitt

Mr. Jon W. Puckett and Mrs. Jena Puckett

Mr. Zachary T. Purvis

Dr. Todd C. Rasmussen

Mr. Justin A. Rectenwald

Mr. Patrick L. Reddish and Mrs. Melissa J. Reddish

Mr. Tyler G. Reeves

Ms. Jenna R. Reinhardt

Ms. Jessica L. Reynolds

Mr. Reginald G. Rockwell

Mr. Andrew G. Rogers

Ms. Brenna K. Schroder

Mr. Cody D. Seagraves

Mr. Craig H. Seaman and Ms. Amanda S. Seaman

Mr. Brian E. Shaker and Ms. Lindsay L. Shaker

Dr. James L. Shelton Jr.

Ms. Jacqueline A. Sherry

Mr. Blake T. Sherry

Mr. Avery G. Shupert

Dr. Robert P. Simmons and Ms. Paige G. Simmons

Mr. Ronald C. Simpson and Mrs. Patricia A. Simpson

Dr. Jacek P. Siry

Ms. Stephanie J. Sisk

Ms. Cassandra G. Skaggs

Ms. Rachel M. Slahetka

Mr. Ben Smith Jr. and Mrs. Ashley Smith

Mr. Clifford C. Smith and Mrs. Mollie H. Smith

Ms. Kayla J. Smith

Mrs. Deborah Smith

Ms. Rebecca H. Smith

Mr. Steven E. Smith

Mr. Hiram W. Spence III and Mrs. Celeste Spence

Mr. Wilbur A. Spivey and Mrs. JoAnn S. Spivey

Mr. Garrett A. Spivey

Mr. Richard L. Stager and Mrs. Mary Stager

Dr. Peter W. Stangel and Mrs. Mary B. Stangel

Mrs. Ami A. Staples and Mr. Shane Staples

Mr. William A. Steagall and Mrs. Concetta M. Steagall

Ms. Stacy M. Stewart

Mr. Hugh R. Still Jr.

Mr. Arthur W. Stockle

Ms. Catherine L. Stockman and Mr. Cecil H. Stockman Jr.

Mr. Sammy W. Stokes Jr. and Mrs. Shari M. Stokes

Mr. Jonathan P. Streich and Mrs. Jennifer Streich

Mr. Jeffery S. Stroud and Dr. Kimberly M. Stroud

Mr. Ronald F. Tansill and Mrs. Shirley L. Tansill

Ms. Shelby L. Telfer

Mr. C. Ryan Templeton

Ms. Vanessa C. Terrell and Mr. Zachary Terrell

The Campbell Group, LLC

Mr. Michael P. Thesing and Ms. Michelle E. Thesing

Ms. Nicole Pinnell Thomas

Mr. Robert H. Tift and Mrs. Sara D. Tift

Mr. James R. Ulmer and Mrs. Sara E. Sammons-Ulmer

Mr. Luis Vasallo and Mrs. Ana Vasallo

Ms. Samantha L. Vasallo

Dr. Caterina Villari

Mr. John J. Vogler and Mrs. Cynthia Vogler

Mr. G. Thomas Wade Jr.

Ms. Sarah I. Walls

Mr. Steven A. Weaver

Mrs. Allison Manning Webb and Mr. Carlton O. Webb

Mr. Joseph L. Webber and Dr. Melissa A. Webber

Mr. Arthur W. West

Mr. Rolla V. Wheeler Jr. and Mrs. Marjorie W. Wheeler

Mr. David W. White and Mrs. Donna C. White

Ms. Cheyenne E. Whitetree

Ms. Alexandra G. Wickson

Mr. Rob Williams Jr. and Ms. Tracey Tirrell-Williams

Mr. Ollie L. Williams and Ms. Maureen Hebbard

Mrs. Lisa T. Williams and Mr. Robert A. Williams

Mr. William S. Wise

Mr. Bobby L. Womack

Ms. Chandler C. Wood

Ms. Manuela Woodruff

Ms. Sidney M. Woodruff

Mrs. Whitney Woodruff

Dr. Sarah W. Workman

Mr. Stephen L. Wright II

Mr. Harry L. Wyckoff Jr. and Mrs. Roberta S. Wyckoff

Ms. Sarah N. Yeakle

Mrs. Jenny L. Yearwood

Mr. Joseph W. Young

Mr. Keith W. Zeigler


Every attempt has been made to create an honor roll that accurately reflects consecutive years of giving. If you believe you are missing or have a question about this list, please email Emily Saunders or call 706-542-1465. Please note: certain donor preferences preclude us from listing names on our honor rolls.