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Forestry MS/MFR Study in Sweden

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There is an exciting new opportunity for a forestry graduate student exchange in Sweden.

Students accepted into the program will travel to Sweden for a semester, take graduate forestry classes abroad, transfer the credits back to UGA, and gain valuable international experience.

Spring 2018 Study Abroad

Funding is available for three forestry graduate students, either MS or MFR, for the Spring 2018 semester. Funding includes money for your flight and a monthly stipend of $998 while in Sweden.

Students would be in southern Sweden at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Center that is a part of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). SLU is the premier forestry institution in Sweden and has world-class researchers, teachers and courses.

The classes that would be taken in the spring semester are:

  • National and International Forest Policy;
  • Broadleaves: Forest dynamics, biodiversity, and management for multiple goals. 

Both classes are ‘block’ type classes that are taught for approximately eight weeks in a row and have multiple field trips. Classes are taught in English and have an international student body of graduate students at the Master’s level. Each class corresponds to six graduate credit hours that would be transferred back to UGA. 

You would be in southern Sweden on the SLU Alnarp Campus, very close to the Swedish cities of Malmö and Lund and just across the water from the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen.  It’s very easy to travel to/from this area with flights to all major European destinations (and many others). 

Deadline to apply is September 22, 2017

Please see Dr. Bronson Bullock for more information about how to apply and details about the exchange program.