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Texas A&M Forest Service
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Full Time
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Equipping traditional and new land and property owners from diverse backgrounds to make informed decisions regarding forest land management. Includes local administration of rural forestry programs, local leadership pertaining to natural resource issues, community and urban forestry, and direct landowner assistance. Delivery of agency public affairs programs, including; conservation education activities for youth and adult learners and participation in local economic development organizations. Under the direction of the District Forester (DF) or Regional Forester (RF), supervision of staff and management of local agency service programs. Includes oversight of employee activities, facilities, training, grounds, equipment, reporting, etc. Support of local county forest landowners associations, Texas Master Gardener and Texas Master Naturalist programs and a variety of for profit and non-profit organizations. Includes attending board and membership meetings, assisting with meeting programs, and development of association newsletter. Administration and support of local protection and emergency response programs in rural and urban interface – urban and rural forest pest mitigation, wildland fire suppression, capacity building, etc. Be able to work weekends and after hours to reach audience. 


Entry level position. BSF from SAF accredited School of Forestry required. Graduating spring 2019 applications accepted. 


Work is often outdoors and in a harsh environment such as smoke, rough terrain, dusty roads, etc. Must meet a physical fitness standard which includes successfully completing a two-mile walk in 30 minutes or less with 25 pounds and obtain required NWCG training and Red Card Certification as determined by TFS Red Card Committee. Emergency response may result in exposure to emotionally stressful situations for extended periods of time. 


Texas Teachers Retirement System; Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance; vacation and sick leave