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Forest Technician

F4 Tech
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Full Time
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F4 Tech currently has openings for Forest Technicians based out of its Tallahassee office.  These are entry-level positions for our company, but may have opportunities for greater responsibilities as we grow.  The primary responsibility for the job is field GIS and resource data collection utilizing GPS and other innovative technology, primarily consisting of forest inventory data collection.  Most of the work is travel-related and in the field.  All travel-related costs are covered by the company.  Due to the intense nature of the travel, we have developed a flexible schedule allowing for extra days off to mitigate the travel time.  At times this schedule will flex around holidays, other work duties as assigned, and client needs.


Minimum qualifications include an associate’s degree (2 year) in forestry or be enrolled in a 4 year forestry program or related field or more than 2 years of forest inventory cruising. Individuals with excellent dendrology skills will be considered as interns as well.  Applicants should possess excellent ability to self-manage and complete work assignments on their own.