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Forest Resource Analyst

Sustainable Forestry Department
Texas A&M Forest Service
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
Location Detail:
College Station
Job Description:

The Forest Resource Analyst conducts an annual industry survey and publishes an annual timber harvest and utilization report; analyzes FIA tables and forest resource data; works with property tax division of the Texas Comptroller’s office; conducts timber and biomass supply and availability studies; conducts market studies for Texas wood products industry; supervises Forest Economist Geospatial Analyst, and Wood Utilization Specialist

Occasionally, the selected candidate will provide forest resource data to forest industry, other state agencies, and economic development interests. They will also assist in the collection and compilation of agency workload and program accomplishment statistics.


Minimum Qualifications:

Three years experience in forest resource analysis. Five years of experience in forest biometrics and forest resource analysis preferred. PhD in forestry with training in forest resource analysis, database management, and computer programming. 

$5,583/Month minimum plus benefits
How to Apply:

Please send your resume and transcripts to Burl Carraway at the Sustainable Forest Department in College Station by fax at (979) 458-6633. For further questions, contact Burl Carraway at (979) 458-6630.