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Forest Manager

Molpus Woodlands Group
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
Location Detail:
Deridder, LA
Job Description:

Manages activities and implements practices relating to land management and marketing and harvesting forest products on lands owned by clients of The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC (MWG). These land management activities may include performing and/or contracting all silvicultural activities, all public relations issues (rights-of-way, easements, boundary line, etc.) and all other land use issues (hunting clubs, seismic activity, leases, etc.). Manage all properties to comply with Best Management Practices that comply with state of ownership and follow SFI® guidelines. The marketing and harvesting activities may include evaluating and negotiating short and/or long term timber sales contracts and scheduling, monitoring and auditing harvesting that result from the timber sales contracts. 


   • Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Management or a closely related field or an Associates Degree in Forestry or a closely related field and/or ten years experience in forestry silvicultural research and/or forestry land management. 
   • Strong verbal, organizational and interpersonal skills. 
   • Proficiency with common business computer software, which may include spreadsheet and word-processing software. 
   • Must be a dependable team player with strong ethics. 
   • Must be trained and experienced in typical woods safety programs and be committed to positively addressing unsafe behaviors and situations encountered in the work place. 
   • Must be trained in the forest industry’s principles of sustainable forestry. 
   • Must hold a valid driver’s license. 

How to Apply:

Burton Pope 

801 West 1st Street, Suite A 

DeRidder, LA 70634