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Forest Carbon Analyst

Blue Source LLC
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
Location Detail:
San Francisco or Remote
Job Description:

Bluesource seeks a dedicated forest industry professional to support the forest carbon implementation team through every stage of carbon project evaluation, implementation, verification, and monitoring. The successful candidate will have the unique mix of technical and practical skills necessary to both carryout the quantitative analyses central to forest carbon project development and synthesize the qualitative information that informs the technical components. Day-to-day responsibilities will cover a broad spectrum of activities including assisting in field verifications throughout the continental US and Alaska, updating technical models for on-going projects, and supporting spatial analyses. The ideal candidate will be at home in both the office and the woods and will enjoy traveling to project locations across the nation. This is an excellent opportunity for an early or mid-level professional seeking a dynamic position in the center of the forest carbon market.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Prepare written project documents for verifiers, management, and stakeholders

• Update and maintain forest carbon inventory designs consistent with existing standards

• Estimate timber production and financial returns of alternative forest management plans

• Perform statistical analyses of inventory and other data sets

• Support field work during verifications and in training new inventory crews

• Update existing carbon models for on-going projects

• Conduct silvicultural research and conduct interviews with local experts across project regions

• Manage spatial databases and edit new project boundaries

• Analyze financial costs and benefits of carbon project development



The successful candidate will have a combination of the following qualifications:


Quantitative Skills:

• At least 1 year of experience in a forestry related occupation

• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in forestry or forest sciences

• Experience in forest management plans and/or harvest plan design

• Experience with FVS or similar growth and yield models

• Experience in ArcGIS mapping and analysis

• Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel, knowledge of Access databases is a plus

• Experience cleaning and troubleshooting data

• Skilled in statistical analyses

Field Skills

• Experience in forest mensuration, comfortable using DBH tape and clinometer or laser

• Has forestry field experience, working in a variety of North American forest types is a plus

• Must be able to navigate uneasy terrain, steep slopes, and heavy bushwhacking over an extended period of time

• Basic dendrology, comfortable using dichotomous keys, understanding of various forest ecosystems


Other Skills:

• Highly self-motivated

• Ability to work both independently and in a collaborative team setting

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Expertise in project management and demonstrated ability to coordinate among various stakeholders

• Knowledge of forest carbon policy, carbon protocols, and carbon accounting standards

• Strong interest in climate change and environmental issues




Bluesource offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience.
How to Apply:

To be considered for this position, interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to and