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Fish Hatchery Manager 2

Idaho State Government
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Full Time
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  • Hatchery management - Typical responsibilities: hires and trains staff; assigns work and evaluates performance; develops and monitors budget; maintains records and prepares reports on hatchery operation; ensures inventories, equipment, and capital improvements are properly maintained; coordinates hatchery operation with other department functions; provides input on new hatchery designs; ensures safety requirements are met.
  • Aquaculture - Typical responsibilities: monitors fish development; develops feeding schedules needed for specified growth rates; observes fish for signs of disease or stress; develops and implements prophylactic and control measures for fish diseases; distributes fish to assigned planting areas.
  • Public relations - Typical responsibilities: meets with federal and state officials to establish priorities for fish production and coordinate research projects; makes presentations to interested groups and technical committees; conducts hatchery tours, explains operations and answers questions.
  • Experience: supervising and evaluating performance of a staff engaged in a fish rearing operation; training others in various aspects of fish hatchery operation; developing and monitoring a budget; recognizing abnormal behavior and disease symptoms of fish and implementing measures for disease control; identifying and determining nutritional and growth requirements of fish and calculating their feeding rates; spawning and stocking fish; operating fish transport-type equipment.

  • Valid driver's license.

  • Some of the Fish Hatchery Manager 2 positions require obtaining a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) before completion of the probationary period.  The opening at Niagara Springs Fish Hatchery does not require a CDL.

  • Experience writing technical reports.

  • Experience in public relation tasks.

$20.87+ per hour DOE
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