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Fish and Wildlife Technician/Prescribed Fire Technician

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
Job Field:
Job Type:
Seasonal, Temporary, Internship
Location Detail:
Big Bend WMA, Perry
Job Description:

These OPS positions will assist and supplement Big Bend WMA staffing in the preparation, conduct, and mop up of prescribed burning operations on 15,000+ acres of fire maintained natural communities across the 5 units of the Big Bend WMA, located in Taylor and Dixie Counties along approximately 100 miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. Duties will primarily consist of the following: 
   • Assure that FWC vehicles and equipment are maintained in continual fire-ready status (e.g., top off all water tanks, fuel tanks, drip torches, etc. prior to/after each burn; complete necessary maintenance/repairs; replace as necessary and organize tools, parts, etc.; repair drip torches as needed; clean required equipment as necessary; etc.). 
   • Utilize equipment and hand tools to improve/maintain firebreaks, such as farm tractors with Brown’s Tree Cutter to mow and maintain firelines and walking trails for ground ignition, or farm tractor with heavy disk to establish mineral soil perimeter lines. 
   • Assist WMA staff in fuel reduction activities through mowing of burn units to reduce height of fuels. 
   • Participate on prescribed burns, primarily in a holding and mop-up capacity depending on qualifications. 
   • Assist WMA staff with operation of brush truck to hold and mop-up prescribed fires. 
   • Assist staff with keeping work compound and equipment clean and organized. 
   • Assist WMA staff with other duties as required and assigned. 


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Ability and willingness to perform difficult physical work for extended and irregular periods, under adverse conditions and in various extremes of weather; ability to work both independently and as part of a team; demonstrate good situational awareness and the ability to communicate with colleagues; ability to safely, effectively, and efficiently use and maintain common wildland fire hand tools, brush-cutters, leaf blowers, chainsaws, pumps/hose-lays, etc.; ability to safely, effectively, and efficiently operate wildland fire type six engines (brush truck), ATVs/UTVs, 4wd trucks, and farm tractors with mowing and disking attachments; ability to plan and organize work assignments effectively and efficiently; basic use of personal computers. 

Minimum Qualifications

REQUIRED: High School Diploma or equivalent 
PREFERRED: Completion of S-130 and S-190, Florida Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Training and/or, Florida Interagency Basic Prescribed Fire Course; at least 1 year experience in wildland fire and/or land management; CPR/First Aid certification; mechanical experience, i.e. troubleshooting and repairing trucks, ATVs/UTVs, small engines, electrical wiring, etc. Must possess a current and valid driver’s license. Preference may be given to those applicants that have a current, valid Florida Class A Commercial Drivers License 

How to Apply:

Send your letter of interest, 3 references, and resume to Mr. Randy Havens, Lead Area Biologist, via email,, postal mail to Big Bend WMA Field Office, Attn: Randy Havens, 663 Plantation Road, Perry, Florida 32348, or apply in person at the Big Bend WMA Field Office.