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Executive Director of the Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia

Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia (EEA)
Job Field:
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Job Type:
Part Time
Location Detail:
The employee will be working from home and must have a suitable home-working environment including a dedicated office space free from distractions, with appropriate lighting and ventilation, and meeting all required safety standards. Georgia residency required. Duties must be performed with employee's personal equipment (computer, printer, fax, vehicle, etc.). All warranty and maintenance issues are the responsibility of the employee. A stipend may be provided to help offset equipment costs.
Job Description:

EEA is seeking an Executive Director who will inspire and lead the organization and serve the Board of Directors as EEA continues to expand its successful work. This person is responsible for fund development; and external relations with the media, government officials, community, volunteers, and funders. This position reports to and works closely with the Board of Directors to oversee direction, and management of EEA activities; event coordination; financial accounting and reporting; long-range planning; program planning and evaluation; branding, positioning, messaging, and communication strategies; a bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management, public administration, business administration, communications or related field or equivalent experience preferred. The Executive Director must abide by the organization’s conflict of interest policy.


 Proven track record in fundraising and major donor development; grant writing experience

 Knowledge of and experience with advocacy, organizing, media relations, and public relations;
 Related non-profit experience with a track record of increased responsibility including working with and reporting to boards of directors; ability to show high level of performance, leadership, and creativity; and supervisory experience
 Ability to think strategically and to plan, implement, and evaluate new and existing programs focused on key priorities within organization mission, goals, and resources;
 Excellent communication skills with diverse constituencies; superb writing skills and computer fluency;
 Excellent organizational skills; ability to work independently with little supervision;
 Experience with implementation and use of budgeting systems and controls;
 Collaborative, team-oriented work style balanced with ability to make timely executive decisions;
 Experience creating effective working relationships with other organizations and agencies;
 Commitment to, understanding of, and passion for environmental education;
 Proficient knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, Indesign, Square, and experience
with back-end website and database management.



Lead Georgia’s environmental education organization which has a nationally
recognized track record of achievement. Key leadership duties include managing grants, sponsorships and fundraising efforts; projecting a positive and constructive image to the community; represent EEA at public events and on professional committees, present at conferences and meetings; recordkeeping and routine correspondence; submitting an annual written report to the Board of Directors and membership and reporting routinely to the EEA President and quarterly to the Board of Directors.

Term: Duties will begin on or after Jan 2, 2020.

About EEA:
Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia (EEA) is a professional education and networking association.
Vision Statement: The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia's vision is a statewide culture of environmental literacy and stewardship.
Mission Statement: The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia's mission is to promote communication and enrichment among professionals in the field of environmental education through partnerships, initiatives, and access to knowledge and experiences.

The Goals of EEA are:
 To increase the content knowledge, skill level, and confidence of active and potential environmental educators through professional development and continuing education.
 To pursue adoption of an environmental literacy plan in Georgia.
 To encourage a culture of practicing environmental education in our statewide community so that environmental education becomes mainstream and integrated.
 To support values of diversity in environmental education.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter, resume, and three professional references, preferably by email to Position open until November 22, 2019. Applicants may be subjected to criminal background check and/or drug tests.