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Environmental Police Officer Trainee

Rhode Island Dept of Environmental Management
Job Field:
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Job Type:
Full Time
Rhode Island
Location Detail:
Job Description:

In the Division of Law Enforcement of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to assist, as a Trainee, in the enforcement of a variety of state laws pertaining to the protection and conservation of the natural resources of the state; and to do related work as required. Patrol all areas of the State enforcing recreational fishing and hunting laws and regulations, boating safety laws and regulations, commercial fishing, shellfish and lobster laws and regulations and all laws of the State on DEM properties. Position leads to Full-time Environmental Police Officer once all training requirements have been met satisfactorily.…



Education: Such as may have been gained through: graduation from a college of recognized standing with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Natural Resources or related discipline; Or, Graduation from High School and three (3) years experience in a full time environmental law enforcement position with powers of arrest which may be substituted for the required bachelor's degree.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Conditions for appointment:

1) Must possess a Motor Vehicle Operator's License issued by the State of Rhode Island.

2) Must meet the State of Rhode Island qualification requirements to carry weapons used in the performance of duty and must maintain such qualification requirements as a condition of employment.

3) Must, at the time of application and thereafter, continually meet all requirements that are necessary for entry into the Municipal Police Training Academy (i.e. hearing, vision, fitness, etc.).

4) Must annually pass an agility performance test approved by the Director and at least equivalent to the test used by the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy.

5) Within one (1) year of appointment, must have successfully completed the basic training requirements and standards as established for police officers by the State of Rhode Island Commission on Standards and Training (Chapter 42-28-2 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, as amended) to be evidenced by graduation from the Municipal Police Training Academy. In accordance with RIGL 42-28.3-1, no person shall be appointed in any capacity until they shall have been evaluated and tested by a certified psychologist specified by the Director of the Department of Environmental Management and receive a satisfactory rating. The psychologist shall provide a report in writing of his/her evaluation, together with pertinent recommendations, for the guidance of the appointing authority.

6) Must, at the time of application and continually thereafter, be free from any and all felony convictions.

$48,013-$54,918 while a trainee