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The Cypress Knee


The Cypress Knee was established in the 1930's by the Forestry Club as an annual yearbook to record the school's events and to unite the members of the school together. It stopped publication in 1972 though. In 2012 we worked hard to reestablish and reinstate this tradition. The upkeep of tradition and customs is important because events of the past shape the events of today and consequently shape those of the future. Creating a sense of unity with the school and one another shapes our paths and our actions in the future: to remember the beginnings we came from.
With an ever-evolving world, keeping hold of traditions is becoming of greater importance to remind us of our roots. The Cypress Knee unites those of past, present, and future; and unites those across all fields: forestry, wildlife, fisheries, recreation, tourism, and soils & hydrology. With your support we will be able to continue the traditions of the past and reestablish the yearbook to formally unite the students of Warnell, School of Forestry & Natural Resources. We accept any and all donations that can help us reach our goal!


Page Space Price
Whole Page $500
Half Page $350
Quarter Page $200
Honorable Mention $100


Cypress Knee 2012