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Chattahoochee Fall Line Fire Management Crew Manager

The Nature Conservancy
Job Field:
Job Type:
Seasonal, Temporary, Internship
Location Detail:
Box Springs
Job Description:

The CFL Fire Management Crew Manager oversees 3 Fire Management Technicians in wildland fire activities, as directed by a Burn Boss, or other command position. Individual will supervise and manage a seasonal fire management crew on a daily basis that will be used to conduct prescribed burns primarily in west-central Georgia. The team will work in other areas of Georgia and potentially in Alabama participating if prescribed fire operations, preparing fire lines, maintaining equipment, post-burn monitoring and other tasks. As part of the incumbent’s ongoing professional development, he/she will be responsible for keeping abreast of new burn techniques and equipment to enhance skills and maintain/grow professional fire certification credentials. In addition, they shall work to build and maintain relationships in the professional fire community and in the local community where the Conservancy works. This may include participation in wildland fire suppression activities in partnership with other non-profits, local fire departments, and local, state and federal agencies, either as a TNC employee, or as a volunteer or short-term employee of the partner entity (such as an administratively determined, short term federal employee). The crew manager will assist with project work and other preserve management duties when conditions are not conducive to prescribed fire including, but not limited to, trail maintenance, timber marking, fence removal, planting native plants, and invasive species removal/control. S/he will be based on TNC-owned property in Marion County, Georgia. To maximize the effectiveness of the crew and to provide a general security presence for TNC’s equipment, the crew manager must live on site with the Fire Management Technicians.


• High school diploma and 1-year training in fire operations, science-related field or similar field or related experience in land management. 

• Qualified Fire Fighter Type 1 (Squad Boss) and successful completion of FFT1 task book. Requirements for FFT1 can be found in the Conservancy Fire Management Manual at:…;

• Must achieve physical fitness standard as determined by local Fire Program Manager and the TNC Fire Manual; Must be able to walk 3 miles in less than 45 minutes carrying 45 lbs.

• Experience operating and maintaining various types of equipment.

• Experience supervising staff or volunteers is required 

• May be required to obtain related licenses and certifications such as CPR/first aid and ATV certification.

• Must have valid driver’s license.

• Willingness and desire to travel from home base for several days, potentially weeks, at a time.


Term of positions is Jan 10, 2022- June 24, 2022

Will work with local partners in Georgia Forestry Commission and Ga-DNR Wildlife Resources Division


Housing provided