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Area Forester

Green Diamond Management Company
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time


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Job Description:

   The position is responsible for the operational execution of harvest, silviculture and inventory activities. Responsible for the oversight of contractors that will perform the majority of the harvesting, silviculture, inventory and property management activities, to ensure contractor compliance with contract terms. The position is responsible for timely compliance with all aspects of contract administration. The position requires working knowledge of SFI certification requirements, state Best Management Practices (BMPs) and local ordinances regarding commercial timber harvest and transportation. 
   ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned) 
   Assure a safe workplace. Take personal initiative and responsibility to ensure ongoing safe behaviors through implementation and active participation in the company safety program. 
   Assist with the layout of harvest settings and haul roads to ensure productivity with the least environmental impact, maintaining compliance with all state and federal regulations. 
   Oversee contract logging and road building/maintenance program. Provide direct oversight of contracted work. Perform timely field checks to ensure contract and harvest plan compliance. 
   Assist with harvest operations planning in a manner to minimize moves, maximize capacity efficiency, and provide accurate production information and log sales forecasts. 
   Administer site preparation, planting and other silviculture plans. 
   Conduct/oversee property line surveying and marking, maintenance of gates and monitoring encroachment within the region. 
   Monitor hunting club field activities to ensure compliance with the terms of the recreation lease agreement. 
   Ensure consistent and accurate application and communication of policies and procedures designed to promote efficiency and productivity. 
   Ensure compliance with SFI policies and procedures, state Best Management Practices and local ordinances regarding timber harvesting and hauling. 
   Utilize communication and negotiation skills when interaction with members of the community is required. 
   Represent the Company at public meetings and community events, as required. 


   Bachelor’s Degree in Forest Management, Natural Resource Management, or equivalent, plus three to seven years of operational experience. If the incumbent does not have a B.S. degree, industry experience will be considered. 
   Valid Driver’s License. 
   Exhibit high professional and ethical standards. 
   Be highly motivated and self-directed. 
   Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office. 
   Exhibit strong leadership skills. Work with integrity, trust and commitment, setting an example for others. 
   Maintain effective and professional relationships with co-workers within immediate work group, outside the immediate department, and with key contacts outside the Company including regulatory agencies. 
   Exhibit effective and productive communications skills; approachable and open to discussion, being persuasive in discussions regarding conflicts over resource use, as well as have highly developed written communication skills. 
   Manage multiple priorities professionally with minimum disruption to others. Organized and proactively manages environment. Responds to unexpected challenges successfully without losing track of daily responsibilities. Prioritize workload in order of importance. Reliably follow through with job assignments. 
   Learn, apply and retain new methods and information. Creative in solving problems. Exhibit a “can do” attitude with a positive approach to challenges. View obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. 
   Willingness to invest time when projects demand more time commitment to accomplish important and/or timely goals. 
   The ability to work unsupervised. 
   Familiarity with GIS. 
   Willingness to participate in continuing education programs and training related to the forestry profession. 


   This position is located in Southern Alabama. 
   Field work in addition to a normal office environment with moderate noise levels, occasional lifting, regular walking, sitting, bending, twisting, standing and reaching. 
   Ability to orient, climb, and traverse rugged, densely vegetated terrain on a consistent basis in in sometimes harsh weather conditions for long periods of time. 
   Must have ability to work independently and without immediate supervision in remote areas. 
   Occasional travel to various locations requiring a vehicle and ability to drive. 
   Ability to tour logging operations, attend training and company functions. 
   Ability to perform consistent and accurate work on a PC. 
   Must maintain punctual and regular attendance and present appropriate professional appearance at all times. 
   Requires the use of standard safety equipment in regulation with Company policy. 
   Works in conditions that may expose employee to wildlife encounters, firefighting, reptiles and/or insects. 
   This position may be exposed to marking paint, gas, diesel fumes, pollens and smoke. 
   This position is a Physical and Mental Requirement Classification 3. 

Commensurate With Experience

   Paid Time Off 
   Employees are encouraged to use their accrued time off to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Paid time off includes vacation pay, designated and floating holidays. 
   401(k) Retirement Plan 
   Employees are eligible to participate immediately upon hire and begin taking advantage of our generous company match and profit-sharing contribution. Employees are fully vested in both employee and employer contributions from their first day of employment. 
   Health and Welfare Benefits 
   We offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance plans, subsidizing a portion of the employee's premium costs and the premium costs for an employee's spouse and dependent children. The company makes a generous Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution to those employees enrolling in our high deductible medical plan. 
   Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) 
   Healthcare Spending Accounts allow employees to pay for certain health-related expenses with tax-free dollars. Daycare Spending Accounts allow employees to pay for qualified day care expenses with tax-free dollars. 
   Income-Protection Benefits 
   We provide employees and their families with income protection through various insurance programs. We pay the full cost of basic employee coverage for the following: 
   Disability Insurance 
   Life Insurance 
   Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance 
   Employees also have the opportunity to purchase supplemental life insurance for themselves in addition to purchasing life insurance for their spouse and children. 
   Incentive Pay 
   Annual Bonus Plan 
   Salaried employees are eligible for consideration in our annual performance- and profit-based bonus plan. 
   Spot Bonuses and Awards 
   The Company may reward individual employees on the spot or through companywide award programs for achievements deserving special recognition. 
   Employee Referral Bonus 
   The Company offers referral bonuses of up to $750 to employees that refer others for employment at Green Diamond Management Company who are subsequently hired. 
   Additional Perks 
   Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 
   Employees and their families may receive reliable, confidential services and/or referrals to help them manage personal life challenges. In addition to the traditional EAP services of family, relationship, emotional, behavioral, mental health and chemical dependency counseling, other services are offered: Legal consultations and referrals, financial services counseling and consultations for identity theft resolution, childcare services and eldercare services. 
   Fitness Subsidy 
   We reimburse employees and family members gym or health club membership fees, up to a maximum cost, to promote health and wellness. 
   Public Transportation Subsidy (Seattle) 
   The Company provides a generous subsidy toward the cost of public transportation for eligible employees. Public transportation includes bus, ferry, train, or car/vanpools. 
   Work Related Field Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment 
   Tuition Reimbursement 
   Service Milestone Awards 
   Educational Matching Gifts for Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities