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Susan Parker

Ex-Officio, Young Alumni Committee
Postdoctoral Program and Research Associate at University of Georgia

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M. Forest Resources, University of Georgia, 2003.
P.H.D., University of Georgia, 2013

Current Role: I am a member of the National Forests in North Carolina Land Management and Planning Development Team under the new Forest Planning Rule; acting as the Human Dimensions, Wild and Scenic River, and monitoring coordinator. I work with great people and am responsible for providing professional advice and support of the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of the revised forest plan.

Favorite memory of Warnell: I have so many fond memories of Warnell and UGA; classes and labs with so many great professors; traveling to conferences; football weekends; however, the daily "Green Lab" (all Dr. Gary Green's students) office interactions tops the list. It was a great group of students who worked hard but also enjoyed every minute. I really miss the support (and fun) we had!