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Garrett Mack

Ex-Officio, Young Alumni Committee (2019)
Portfolio Analyst at Forest Investment Associates

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B.S.F.R., University of Georgia, 2009.
M.F.R., University of Georgia, 2011.

My Current Role: I perform forestry and investment analysis and provide decision support for FIA’s Portfolio Management Team. Specific items that I am responsible for are harvest scheduling, portfolio reviews, and I lead the publication of a quarterly newsletter that covers forestry specific markets as well as overall economic conditions. No two days at FIA are the same; however typically, a day at FIA involves me interacting with many different FIA team members. My position allows me to work with and within all teams at FIA – from accounting and marketing to operational forest and portfolio management.

Favorite Memory At Warnell: There are many fond moments that occurred during my time at Warnell. However, one moment that stands out is the experiences that occurred during field camp. Several vans of students and professors traveling across the Southeast during three weeks in May created the perfect conditions for fun and excitement (and the occasionally learning opportunity.)