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Wildlife Damage Laboratory

My lab focuses on wildlife damage management having completed research on Deer Repellents, Armadillo Ecology, and Goose Control. Graduate students also work through outreach and adult education to produce published materials on Wildlife Damage Management options for landowners. Other activities include research on endangered species (Key Largo Woodrat and Key Largo Cotton Mouse) and species of special concern (Allegheny Woodrat). In addition, my lab works with small mammal inventories and Environmental Education. We work with the Georgia Master Naturalist Program to provide adult environmental education programs. We have been funded by the Berryman Institute, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Cradle of Forestry in America,and National Park Service. My lab currently employs 1 Research Associate funded by the US Forest Service and employs students working on MFR (soon to be MNR) and MS degree programs. Past graduates have gained employment with the USDA Wildlife Services, Georgia secondary education system, Private Consultants, or gone on to PhD programs at other universities.


Professor, Wildlife Specialist, Coordinator, Georgia Master Naturalist