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Aquatic Toxiciology Lab

Activities in the Aquatic Toxicology lab primarily involve determination of the effects of environmental pollutants on aquatic organisms such as fish and freshwater mussels. We are also interested in investigating the early life history of freshwater mussels, particularly the obligate parasitic larval stage which must attach to a suitable host fish for transformation to the juvenile stage. For culture of aquatic organisms the wet lab is equipped with temperature controlled systems including a stand-alone fish keeping system with 30 aquaria, a Living Stream, and numerous aquaria for contaminant exposures. The lab has a multifunction plate reader for performing ELISAs and other colorimetric assays, extraction and homogenization equipment for biological and environmental samples, a stereo microscope with image analysis software, incubators, centrifuges, balances, a -80C freezer, an ultrapure water system and general lab equipment for collecting processing samples.

Other Research

Dr. Susan Wilde: Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy (AVM) Research


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor, Fish Biology and Ecotoxicology
Assistant Professor, Aquatic Ecosystem Health, Affiliated Faculty: UGA Interdisciplinary Toxicology…
Associate Professor, Aquatic Science