Dr. Michael T. "Mike" Mengak
Dr. Michael T. "Mike" Mengak
Wildlife Specialist
Wildlife Specialist
Research Interests
Research focuses on natural history and ecology of woodrats (Allegheny and Key Largo); distribution and economic impact of wild pigs; inventory and monitoring of mammals; and nuisance wildlife management.

Ph.D. 1987 Forestry/Wildlife Clemson University

Dissertation: 'Impacts of natural and artificial regeneration of loblolly pine on small mammals in the South Carolina piedmont.'

M. S. 1982 Forestry/Wildlife Clemson University

Thesis: 'A comparison of two diet analysis techniques applied to white-tailed deer in coastal South Carolina.'

B. S. 1979 Fisheries/Wildlife Virginia Tech

Area of Specialization

Inventory and monitoring of non-game wildlife; wildlife damage management; wildlife service and outreach
FANR 1100: Natural Resource Conservation, This course covers a variety of topics related to natural resource conservation. This course will introduce students to the natural resource disciplines especially the programs of the Warnell School of Forest Resources. Lectures present a resource utilization view but preservation and conservation are discussed. The focus is on renewable natural resource utilization and issues related to resource depletion, resource utilization, education, and standard of living. This course will use guest speakers to introduce specific topics. Guest speakers, who are experts in certain areas of the course, will provide valuable insight and prospective on the wide range of topics we will be covering. (Fall Yearly)
WILD 4280: Field Studies in Natural History, Field studies to explore the ecology and natural history of plant and vertebrate communities in a variety of biomes and ecosystems. Identification and field study skills will be emphasized. Non-traditional format: The course will include an extended field experience and series of lectures combined with seminars, presentations, and/or student projects. (Summer 2008)
WILD 4500: Nongame & Endangered Species Management, Management of nongame species and backyard (suburban and urban) habitats, including habitat enhancement, species biology, and wildlife control. Factors affecting extinctions and declines in biodiversity, including laws, policies, and management activities designed to protect threatened and endangered species and critical habitats. (Fall Yearly)
WILD 4900: Wildlife Damage Management, Theory and practice of assessing and controlling damage done by wild and feral vertebrate animals especially mammals and birds. Emphasis is on protecting agricultural, forest crops and property. (Spring Yearly)
Allegheny Woodrats
Conduct a survey of historical sites in Virginia for the presence of Allegheny woodrats. Collect biological data on individuals captured and habitat/landscape date for each site sampled.
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Mengak, M.T. 2004. "Nuisance Wildlife," in Georgia Master Gardener Handbook, Sixth Edition edition, CES Handbook 2. Edited by Fonseca, M and Slagle, K, pp. 387-415: University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service.
"Status & Distribution of Allegheny Woodrats in Virginia", Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries`, 05/01/2009-06/30/2011 $87,500
"Ecological understanding as a guideline for Evalutation of nonformal education (EUGENE)", USDA Forest Service, 06/16/2005-12/31/2009 $200,780
"Assessing knowledge gain from the Natural Inquirer", USDA Forest Service, 07/01/2009-09/30/2011 $96,390
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