Dr. Pete Bettinger
Dr. Pete Bettinger
Landscape Planning and Harvest Scheduling
Research Interests
Heuristic programming techniques for multi-objective forest planning problems.

Integration of GIS techniques with forest planning, operations, silviculture, and economics.

GPS studies.
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602. Phone: 706.542.1187. Fax: 706.542.8356.
BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
PhD, Oregon State University
FANR 3000: Field orientation and measurements, (Fall Yearly)
FORS 4710: Forest planning, (Spring Yearly)
FORS 5650: Air photo interpretation, (Spring Yearly)
FORS 5670: Forestry Information Systems, (Fall Yearly)
FORS 5900: Independent study (GIS or GPS), (Summer Yearly)
FORS 6710: Forest planning, (Spring Yearly)
FORS 7650: Air photo interpretation, (Spring Yearly)
FORS 7670: Forestry Information Systems, (Fall Yearly)
FORS 8450: Advanced forest planning (combinatorial optimization), (Fall 2013)
Combinatorial optimization
Development and testing of heuristic methods for addressing large-scale or complex forest planning problems.
GPS accuracy assessments
Mapping and recreation-grade GPS unit assessments. Whitehall Forest GPS test site
Southern Forestry GIS Conference
For forest industry professionals, consultants, extension specialists, forest landowners, researchers, educators, students, public land managers, and natural resource professionals. 9th Conference - Announcement
Urban carbon estimation projects
Cieszewski, C; Strub, M; Antony, F; Bettinger, P; Dahlen, J; and Lowe, R. 2013. Wood quality assessment of tree trunk from the tree branch sample and auxiliary data based on NIR Spectroscopy and SilviScan. Math. Comput. For. Nat.-Res. Sci. 5(1):86-111. [View]
Bettinger, P; Boston, K; Siry, J; and Grebner, D.L. 2009. Forest Management and Planning. New York: Academic Press.
527 Building 4
Phone: 706.542.1187