Purchasing Chemicals

October 30, 2008

UGA policy requires purchase of chemicals through Central Research Stores (CRS).  It is inappropriate to purchase chemicals using a p-card.

The reason for going through CRS is because of the University’s requirement to maintain a proper chemical handling and inventory.

You may order online, by phone, by fax or by e-mail.  Robbin Wilkes (rgwilkes@uga.edu) is the CRS customer service representative and she can answer any of your questions regarding ordering procedures.

Robbin asked that I let you know prices at CRS are at or below state contract prices.  They keep stock of the most frequently purchased chemicals and can often fulfill orders in one day.  Also, they deliver directly to your labs or any campus address.  Since you may use UGA accounts for purchase from CRS, you avoid the p-card reconciliation process and other p-card concerns.

Anuj Sinha

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