Main number/information: 706.542.2686
Dean: Michael L. Clutter 706.542.4741
Director of Finance & Administration: Anuj Sinha 706.542.4745
Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Sarah Covert 706.542.4284
Associate Dean for Research and Service: James Sweeney 706.542.2866
Director of Development:
Director of Alumni Relations & Student Leadership: Emily Saunders 706.542.1465
Student Services & Career Placement: Ami Flowers 706.542.8964
Student Relations & Outreach Coordinator: Nicki Pinnell 706.542.0879
Faculty, Academic, and Administrative Support Coordinator: Matt Head 706.542.1133
Graduate Student Programs: Kate deDufour 706.542.1183
Graduate Student Coordinator: Pete Bettinger 706.542.1183
Communications/Media Relations/Publications: Sandi Martin 706.542.2079
Lands and Facilities: Michael Hunter 706.542.4287 cell: 706.207.5514
IT Manager: Mark Cherry 706.542.3953
IT Helpdesk: 706.542.3925

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Mailing Address

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of Georgia
180 E Green Street
Athens, Ga 30602-2152
Phone: 706.542.2686
Fax: 706.542.8356