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Fall 2013 Log

Fall 2013

  • A teaching moment: New aquaponics system at local middle school offers unique learning opportunity
  • Cypress in Georgia: a limited resource or a new opportunity?
  • Valuable trout: Public value of trout fishing in Georgia almost $90 million
  • Tracking from orbit: New study looks at how satellites can be used to grow switchgrass
  • From student to professional: How Warnell is preparing students for life after graduation and how alumni can help
  • Faculty Q&A with Kamal Gandhi
  • Alumni News: Tim MacKay, Alumni on the Job
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Spring 2013 Log

Spring 2013

  • A Surprising Discovery: An endangered mussel is relying on an endangered fish to reproduce
  • Damaging Foraging: New study focuses on mitigating damage caused by deer foraging
  • Environmentally-Friendly Dorm: Does knowing how environmentally friendly a dorm is affect students’ feelings about sustainability?
  • Better Trees Means Better Streams: New study finds trees improve stream quality in the Appalachians
  • A Forestry Pioneer Remembered: Harley Langdale Jr. revolutionized the forest industry in Georgia
  • Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources 2012 Annual Report: Take a look at our past year’s accomplishments, financial support, graduates, and alumni efforts.
  • Faculty Q&A with Jay Shelton
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Fall 2012 Log

Fall 2012

  • Modeling Alligators: New Warnell study could change how alligators are harvested in three states
  • More money for cleaner fuel: Warnell professor gets $1.5 million biofuels grant
  • Walk it off: Survey finds walking is top outdoors activity
  • Dry future: Rainfall exclusion project looking at a dryer forest
  • Why did the bear cross the road? A new road widening project in Middle Georgia will cut through a black bear habitat
  • Alumni on the Job: Landus Bennett
  • Faculty Q&A with Neelam Poudyal
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Spring 2012 Log

Spring 2012

  • Catching a glimpse: The life of cats
  • Carbon Currency: Can carbon credits work for forestry?
  • No view, no visitors: Poor air quality is affecting visibility at national parks
  • Tracking from the stars: Researchers are using satellites to predict streamflow
  • Data dump: A large donation of detailed information from Forisk Inc. about raw materials consumption might help researchers map out the past, present and future of the forest industry
  • Distinguished Alumnus: Associate Dean of Research Jim Sweeney
  • Faculty Q&A with Steven Castleberry
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Fall 2011 Log

Fall 2011

  • Lighting up on sight: Deer vision research take a high-tech turn
  • A question of quality: How can landowners grow better loblolly pines?
  • Invasive solutions: New study sheds light on public preferences for Cumberland Island
  • Robust research: Project hopes to ease strains on Robust Redhorse spawning grounds
  • A Heated Subject: How is climate change affecting the way people use the outdoors?
  • Alumni on the Job: J.C. Griffin assesses wildlife dangers to military aircraft in Iraq
  • Faculty Q&A with Jeffrey Dean
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Spring 2011 Log

Spring 2011

  • Indirectly valuable: Non-timber forestland provides $37 billion in benefits to Georgia every year
  • Revisiting diversity: An increasingly diverse population is changing how our parks reach out to visitors
  • Growing change: Can southern forests be the key to biofuels and climate change mitigation?
  • Distinguished Alumnus: Claud Brown
  • In Memory: Warnell remembers Reid Parker
  • Faculty Q&A with Joe Nairn
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Fall 2010 Log

Fall 2010

  • Waves of Uncertainty: Mississippi marshes vulnerable to BP's Gulf disaster
  • Warnell experts say long-term effects of BP's oil spill murky
  • Could "Precision Forestry" change the industry
  • Faculty Q&A with Gary Green
  • Donors make Young Alumni Scholarship a reality
  • Faculty Staff News, Class Notes etc...
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Spring 2010 Log

Spring 2010

  • Bald Eagles in Peril: Mysterious deaths puzzling researchers
  • A Mission of Peace: Warnell connected to Peace Corps with new degree program
  • Invasion of the Bark Beetles: Pest survey finds exotic bark beetles have nested in Georgia
  • Faculty Q&A with Karl Miller
  • Alumni Awards: Leon Neel wins Distinguished Alumnus and Chad Lincoln is the new Distinguished Young Alumnus
  • Faculty Staff News, Class Notes etc...
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Fall 2009 Log

Fall 2009

  • Can Warnell researchers bring back the American Chestnut?
  • Associate Dean Ron Hendrick hands academic affairs to Sarah Covert
  • Doug Peterson produces caviar from Siberian Sturgeon
  • Faculty Q&A with Rebecca Moore
  • Warnell grad Dallas Grimes heads home to Harlem to find his dream job
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Spring 2009 Log

Spring 2009

  • Warnell students find long-lost freshwater mussel
  • No Child Left Inside
  • Genetically Engineered Sweetgum Trees Grown to Detoxify Mercury
  • From Statistician to Shark Biologist
  • Distinguished Alumnus Kim L. Gilis, Jr
  • Faculty Staff News, Class Notes etc...
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Fall 2008 Log

Fall 2008

  • Warnell researchers discover a new salamander species
  • Can Coral Help Cure Cancer?
  • The Forest Protection Act
  • Fuel Producing Trees
  • Joe Hamilton leads the QDMA through its 20th Anniversary
  • Faculty Staff News, Class Notes etc...
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